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He then dissolved the glassy residue in dilute hydrochloric acid, boiled it, and left it to stand for several days in a corked flask.
Wastewater in the second stage of a two-stage lagoon may be dilute enough for irrigation on growing crops.
The fuel cell generates electricity as a by-product of a chemical reaction involving dilute methanol.
The titration was done in Philadelphia and Courtois was told to dilute the material sixty-fold in order to reach the desired dose.
That would dilute the salt content and could lead to the thermohaline circulation breaking down suddenly.
This presents a stressful condition in dilute salinities that must be met by active ion uptake.
As a test sample, the IBM team created a dilute system of single electron spins by irradiating a block of glass with a weak beam of gamma rays.
In his art, he didn't try to reconcile, dilute, or exacerbate differences, which could have led to the attenuated effects of pastiche.
You may be able to rid yourself of nail fungus, foot odor and athlete's foot by soaking your feet in a dilute vinegar solution.
Authorities released a dispersing liquid into the coastal waters to dilute the slick.
It was said with a grin but that didn't dilute the cloud that lighted on the soldier's face.
Neither this study's gestalt approach nor the daunting task of comprehending resultant findings need dilute its intended contributions.
In the last elections, the ruling family shamelessly gerrymandered electoral districts to dilute the Shia vote.
When the universe expands, the particles of matter dilute, or take up less space in a given volume.
Modern religious rhetoric is dilute and ineffectual, and where it isn't, it seems mad and aberrational.
Other phosphatic and phosphatized microfossils were recovered by dilute acetic acid digestion.
I fear articles like this dilute the strong examples of rape culture by taking the concept to tenuous lengths.
To make your own eyewash, simply dilute five drops of a tincture of goldenseal, an antibacterial herb, in warm water.
In dilute solution, starch molecules will precipitate, with the insoluble material being difficult to redissolve by heating.
So grain elevator operators should welcome a test that uses a dilute sodium hydroxide solution to accentuate color differences of wheat seeds.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The yellow precipitate obtained is washed with a solution 605 of potassium acetate and finally with dilute alcohol.
A paratype has elytra fulvous of dilute ferruginous cast with black mottlings.
The excess of oxychloride is removed by distillation under reduced pressure and the residue washed with dilute hydrochloric acid.
The oxycellulose nitrate was treated directly with dilute solution of potassium hydrate in the cold.
A dilute acetic solution of veratrine is turned to a superb red by strong sulphuric acid.
At a boiling heat, in presence of dilute acids, it is split up, yielding a reductive sugar.
After fusion, the melt is well washed with dilute hydrochloric acid and then with water, the nitride remaining as a white powder.
The molecular weight of alcohol in dilute aqueous solution is the same as in vapor form.
The unacted upon portions are dissolved out by dilute hydrochloric acid, leaving a black permanent image.
When hydrolyzed, either by dilute acids or by maltase, one molecule of maltose yields two molecules of glucose.
Dissolve the precipitated zinc sulphide in dilute hydrochloric acid, evaporate, dilute, and titrate.
Dissolve this precipitate in alcohol or in dilute ammonia, and treat the solution with hydrate of aluminum.
In the case of some of these oxidizers pyrogallol will luminesce in dilute concentrations but not in strong.
Salivary gland emulsion added to a dilute suspension of corpuscles did not lead to hemolysis.
A crystallisable, sweet substance, formed along with grape sugar, when phloridzin is acted on by dilute acids.
Iodphenol is obtained by the action of iodine and iodic acid on phenol dissolved in a dilute solution of caustic potash.
Also, dilute pyrogallol will luminesce with a dilute solution of oxidizer but not with a concentrated solution of oxidizer.
The distillate is purified by washing it with very dilute solution of potassa, and redistilling it from fused chloride of calcium.
They had no patience, so that they could not dilute and expand their stories in the Western way.
Wash the surface over with a little dilute solution of hydrosulphate of ammonia, and dry at a gentle heat.
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