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The investor needs experts to do the due diligence in the big financial centres.
Glazer, who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers American football club, wants to run due diligence on the club ahead of making an offer.
With a little due diligence, you can enjoy the benefits of VoIP without compromising your business's safety.
It's all just going to take diligence and persistence and we've got plenty of that.
Due diligence, company interviews and developer meetings will require travel.
They are expected to exercise due diligence and due care to protect and enhance the resources of their organizations.
They are meant to act with skill, care and diligence, at the same time observing high standards of market conduct.
Issues of due care, failures of diligence and malfeasance have been raised.
Reliance does not relieve directors of their responsibilities but does show care and diligence.
So I've been throwing myself at it with profound diligence, concentrating like some kind of concentrating ninja on the task in hand.
The audited statements made the financial part of the due diligence process a walk in the park.
He also sought to impart a philosophy of diligence, persistence, and excellence.
There he revealed those qualities of moderation, diligence, and attention to detail which were to characterize his political life.
What distinguished him was his extraordinary care and diligence in maintaining a meticulous filing system.
Some of these duties relate to care and diligence, acting in the best interests of the company, and a duty to prevent insolvent trading.
Extensive lung damage resulting from inhalation of the deadly vapours were the wages of his diligence.
Potential financiers are performing more thorough due diligence and taking longer to commit to funding.
The Lords of Karma with their faithful diligence and sense of direction neither leave any good action uncompensated nor any bad action unatoned.
Why do the natural rules of trust, common sense and due diligence for some reason not seem to apply online?
Something that would be highly unlikely to happen, at least with a modicum of due diligence by the pilot.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Suffice it to say, that for my own part, diligence hath not been wanting in the research.
It was necessary to hasten, so that he might be sure of booking a place in the diligence.
When Vavasor was gone she turned with greater diligence to her musical studies.
Of his answer we require you to advertise us with all diligence, for according thereunto we intend to attemper our proceedings.
Goldoni's diligence was as great and untiring as his invention was fertile.
She was tired of hearing that one day she might, with diligence and application, become a prima ballerina.
But good orderynge and exercise is altogether of our own Witte and diligence.
Therefore I resolved to take the diligence hither next day in the afternoon.
That is quicker than by diligence, and one has leisure to see the country as he jogs along.
The ropedancer, Kuni, really had been with the sick mother and her babes, and had toiled for them with the utmost diligence.
If we imitate Lydia in diligence, let us not forget to imitate her in piety.
The infirmarian must be thoroughly reliable, known for his piety and diligence and solicitude for his charge.
Our already planted churches and schools are stimulating other denominations to redoubled diligence in church planting.
We had to be up betimes, as our train for Langogne, corresponding with the Mende diligence, started at five in the morning.
The horologe signifies the diligence with which the priests should say the canonical hours.
He stipulates for fair and reasonable knowledge and due diligence, but not for extraordinary qualifications.
That ceremony over, they proceeded with all due diligence to honour the last request of the departed laird.
It is a very fatiguing journey if made with due diligence, and it would require a full month for us to see the country properly.
How closely the lines are drawn depends wholly upon the ambition and diligence of the quilter.
If he had come across it in a play, he would have watched it with the tensest diligence.
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