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For example, the authors use the ILDASM disassembler to dig into the compiled codes, but did not even mention what ILDASM is.
At The Bamboo Hut, dig into the spread and savour some exquisite preparations that are sure to satiate the gourmand in you.
Next, she uses her toes to dig into troublesome knots, and her heel to apply extra pressure where needed.
As a closet cynic, I will always question their ulterior motives when they dig into their pockets and support various causes.
Enjoy exotic soups and then dig into lobsters, crabs, pomfret or prawns, if you favour seafood, for health or other reasons.
Scientists will also dig into the puzzling asymmetry in the Sun's magnetism that was discovered by Ulysses during the first polar passes.
Your cable should be protected in a conduit, a plastic tube for electrical wires, so you won't dig into it accidentally.
So while I was still pinned against the wall he used his free arm to dig into the jacket.
Abruptly, I remember the stranger's last words, and dig into my pocket, drawing forth the clasp knife, wordlessly holding it out for her.
The natives would dig into the ground looking for the nests of honeypot ants.
Do we eat to live, or live, in part, to dig into that second helping of banana cream pie?
She and her other two cast mates are left to dig into the naughty, calorific buffet.
At that time gently dig into the soil around the cutting with a kitchen butter knife and lift out the new plant.
When they were out of nicki-nicki, the girls would dig into the banks for these roots.
Another problem is that narrow unpadded shoulder straps, can dig into the shoulder causing pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and arms.
My first language was Ukrainian and so I got a chance to kind of dig into my roots and put on the accent and wear the nice clothes.
Test by pushing on the centre of the steak with the side of the tongs, do not dig into the steak with a knife.
I hadn't cut the holes, they had just kind of ripped themselves because my long thumbnails would dig into the when I was bored.
The thick pile gives her bare, silver-polished toes something to dig into as she walks half-naked over to the mirror.
That's the kind of thing I love to dig into, a classic case of using statistics to bamboozle people.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Be careful not to dig into a soft place in the compound with the putty knife.
With better tools we will proceed to dig into these mounds and discover what they contain.
The produce was Brobdingnagian, but worthless except to dig into the ground.
Every year across the country, thousands of people dig into a buried natural gas line or other underground lines.
The inside of the cave is a shale that no one could dig into.
She frowned a little and gave her trowel a rather spiteful dig into the earth.
I took particular pleasure in this breaking of ground, for in almost all latitudes men dig into the earth for an equable temperature.
Cochise and all the others rushed to dig into the pile of jugs.
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