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But the uncertainty of the writing, and the lack of diacritical and vowel points, caused fresh disputes.
The original version was in Kufic script and contained no vowels or distinguishing, diacritical points.
The accents and other diacritical marks we now use to write ancient Greek are comparatively late inventions.
Here are some useful sites for anyone needing to display diacritical marks, mathematical symbols, etc.
Slovak, like other Slavic languages, has diacritical marks that govern the pronunciation of both consonants and vowels.
The orthography of Interlingua is based on the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet with no diacritical or accent marks.
Accented and umlauted vowels, and diacritical marks on consonants must be avoided, because they act as roadblocks and break the speed of a typist.
Mr. Luxenberg explains these copies are written without vowels and diacritical dots that modern Arabic uses to make it clear what letter is intended.
Cases of synalepha and diaeresis are properly marked with diacritical signs.
In Russian, diacritical marks are sometimes written for people learning the language, whether as a first or second language.
Updates to the list of permitted characters, signs, symbols and punctuation to include accents and other diacritical marks.
Some of the Czech language diacritical marks did not reproduce correctly when published.
In the new Turkish alphabet each sound is represented by a single letter, sometimes with diacritical hooks.
In the process, accents, diacritical marks, and other textual features may be removed or translated to equivalent marks.
A glance at this typography will reveal great difficulties, which diacritical marks necessarily throw in the way of both printer and writer.
In 1991, the European Commission requested that Spain revoke its law that all typewriters, computers and printers sold domestically include the Spanish diacritical mark.
The use of diacritical dots to distinguish between homographic letters turns out to he almost entirely arbitrary among the five hands, and even within each individual hand.
Marketing these wines to American consumers can be difficult because of the Slavic vocabulary, with all those consonants and crazy diacritical accent marks.
The company helps clients through the issues of differing names and address structures, diacritical characters and reference data in over 70 countries.
The use of Unicode permits the display of all diacritical marks.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The kana13 is a syllabary of forty-seven letters, which by diacritical marks, may be increased to seventy.
His attention is called to syllabification as well as to diacritical marks.
The attention given to the use of diacritical marks, silent letters, and phonics.
Most of the diacritical marks are explained by the author in his introduction.
In the diacritical marking, as in accentuation and syllabication, Webster's International Dictionary has been taken as authority.
He also systematized and extended the use of diacritical points.
Some apparent errors in the use of diacritical marks have been amended.
The following table gives the diacritical marks for the vowels.
Punctuation, diacritical and formatting markup have been normalized.
Numbers used as diacritical marks were changed to superscripts.
I used the unicode combining diacritical to indicate a long o in Hreseos.
Teach the diacritical marks found in the dictionary to be used.
The original spelling, accents, and diacritical marks are retained.
Accents and diacritical marks have generally been standardised.
Diacritical marks have been avoided, with the exception of the macron.
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