Sentences and phrases with the word denizens

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word denizens? Here are some examples.

Within 24 hours several stunning events occurred, events calculated to challenge the po-faced denizens of Afro-pessimism.

Thus they gave Yajnas more importance amongst all spiritual endeavors keeping in mind their capacity to bestow world denizens both material and spiritual.

For many denizens of the East Coast.

Fred Flintstone and the rest of the Bedrock denizens are helping teach kids in a new display at the Natural History Museum.

Derailment: Dozens of denizens of the small town pitched in to rescue victims.

Charity: After five years of providing food and love for the denizens of Skid Row, Ray Castellani's Frontline Foundation is out of funds.

Louis XIV on La Brea is a favorite of denizens of dance music scene.

Hollywood Memorial Park, the final resting place of such legendary Hollywood denizens as Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil B.

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