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Two days later, I had hand-delivered to me a solicitor's letter making accusations against me that I had defamed the client.
She alleged that the article defamed her both personally and in her office as a magistrate and pleaded 3 false innuendos.
The plaintiff's representatives indicated that if they sued everyone who defamed him the case would go on for years.
Its members believe that one of the figures central to their faith has been besmirched and defamed.
And when we're libeled or defamed, we use the disinfectant power of the press to correct the record instead of libel attorneys.
Anyone even thought to be left wing was subpoenaed, defamed and then blacklisted by the studio bosses if they refused to grass on their friends.
But we must be aware that they are being defamed by some nationalist forces in these countries who say that they are victors' courts.
In today's reading passage, Jesus drives out those people who defamed the holiness of the temple.
In cases of defamation or insult against individuals, legal action is taken only if the defamed or insulted person files a complaint.
Su Su Nway's legal victory, however, was met a few months later with charges that she had defamed the village's replacement Chairman.
The New South Wales supreme court this week found the article and image had defamed the senator.
Which would be fine if he hadn't defamed Patrick Swayze in this number – and if he hadn't tried to be Robin Thicke.
To call someone a clot seems rather a mild insult now, but who wants to be defamed as thick-headed?
Other members of the Association of Ixhil Women have also received threats and have been defamed.
He claims the article defamed him by implying he was corrupt.
The court held that such a means of redress based on the Civil Code would enable individuals who claim to have been defamed to escape the procedural requirements of the 1881 law aimed at protecting the press.
For example, the constitution of Sierra Leone empowers the Presiding Officer to refer cases where a Member has defamed someone, and the Committee of Privileges determines disciplinary sanctions.
Where defamation is concerned, the persons defamed generally opt for the right of reply, in which case their reply will be published in the next issue of the newspaper alleged to have defamed them.
Furthermore, a criminal conviction will usually not provide the defamed person with any compensation, since in most legal systems fines go directly into the State's pocket.
In this respect, it was disastrous when, a few months ago, in this Chamber, Tony Blair defamed farmers in Europe, in particular, as backward-looking.
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