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I followed silently behind the two guards, debating within my mind whether to break free and escape, or stay near to him.
No doubt its subversive yet equivocal message will keep gay fans debating long past Labor Day.
The standard of debating was very high and both teams were complimented on an entertaining and informative debate.
Elsewhere, Beth and Angel are debating the relative merits of hanging and drugs as methods of ending it all.
I felt like I was in some cheesy disaster movie, debating who got to sacrifice their life for the safety of the others.
First we have journalists and politicians taking these views seriously and now we have the dills debating him!
The broadstroke put-down of dissenters and the accompanying lop-sided press coverage is a stalwart debating tactic.
Besides, we don't know whether or not Adam will start a rock band, demolish the debating team and edit the leftist student paper.
The main problem here is the propensity of the land to flood, and Edinburgh council are still debating the best solutions.
When at the click of a button you have the world on your screen, why bother debating the intricate and delicate fabrics our lives?
An enormous effort will be put into analysing and debating the detail of who precisely said what to whom, and when they did so.
She decided to sit down cross-legged on the floor, a confused look on her face, debating whether to ask or keep quiet until a better time.
On the east side, held aloft by concrete flying buttresses, the debating chamber also addresses the landscape.
With avian flu, we are still debating what is the most humane manner to get rid of millions of chickens.
He held a pair of tweezers in his hand, debating whether or not to pluck away the three stray hairs between his eyebrows.
But the Church wants to challenge that finding by meeting and debating with leading thinkers on faith and contemporary living.
Sitting prime ministers have traditionally fought shy of debating head-to-head with their rivals so close to an election.
Success is what we're after, not fiddling around debating things to do with the internal workings of the party.
After debating the merits of fishing for grayling or the pike, we chose to fly fish for the pike.
The citizens of southern California are debating the balance between feral cats versus dirty rats.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was apparent to Trent that he was debating continuing the subject with a newspaperman.
He debated the chance of that against the risk of discovery and continued debating it as he started back to the tree house.
Most of the time on the island we spent debating how lobelia come to be on the schooner.
They learn drinking and rioting, gambling and licentiousness, caballing and debating.
As she was returning, she heard the pixies debating about what they would do to punish the other.
The Pentagon was debating the development of a Mahon-modified guided missile, and a drone plane was under construction.
While they were debating thus, came up the three Englishmen, and standing without the wood, which was new planted, hallooed to them.
In winter, the lads had their debating club, the lasses a dramatic ditto.
For a while Mrs. Kaye remained silent, debating with herself.
The problem he was thus debating as he walked, was one of a class that is rarely solved.
But see, these fellows are kinder debating down there, and looking up, like hens when they are going to fly up on to the roost.
I was still debating on this subject when I was joined by this other calender, who stopped to greet me.
While I was debating whether I should follow him or not, my meditations were suddenly brought to an end by a loud call from the admiral.
And so they went home again, and all day and evening there was figuring and debating.
I not only attended the weekly debating society, but was instrumental in organizing an additional society.
The stand was a rickety, two-story affair, the second story open at the front, and here the judges could be seen debating as heatedly as the crowd beneath them.
This was the view of the case that Godfrey managed to keep before him pretty closely till midnight, and he went to sleep thinking that he had done with inward debating.
An attempt was made to organize a debating club, but it was a failure.
And her cousins are coming over from Newbridge in a big pung sleigh to go to the Debating Club concert at the hall tomorrow night.
Debating voluntariness is good mental exercise, but inconclusive in this case.
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