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Sentence Examples
The state has understood this lesson since the kings of old began repeatedly to debase the coinage.
Who deserts his father's race, seeks the black blood to debase, which thro' his own veins doth chase, he be accurst!
But I have trouble with the irreality of paid shills, whether bloggers, influencers, or everyday people, who debase social intercourse.
Or does mere public belabouring sometimes debase the very virtues intended for promotion and inoculate public sentiment against subscription?
Her tendency to deconstruct and debase everything only points to the lack of substance that might be found in her own soul.
It is impossible to find a hygienist who does not debase his theory of the healthful with a theory of the virtuous.
There is no evidence in this case of any positive intention to humiliate or debase the applicant.
If the Minister had received cash in return for assisting a visa or passport application, that would debase him.
For some people extending human control over genes is the supreme act of hubris and, like all hubris, threatens paradoxically not to elevate but to debase us.
Not content to debase himself, he insisted that his wife drink as well.
Instead, I endeavored to strive even harder so that I would not debase his legacy.
Both are harmful, but the debt route is a less visible way to debase the currency.
In Europe, gold was democratized by its use in coins, even though successive rulers tried to debase them by mixing in lesser metals or reducing their size.
We expect our television to debase us, empty us, and condescend to us.
Everywhere people recognise that genuine forms of corruption debase the quality of their life, lead to the degradation of their social and physical environment.
But I feel that were I to accept the award, it would ultimately debase the coinage of the medal.
However, it could now also debase the coinage and so increase the money supply.
If he in any sort have communicated himselfe vnto thee, it is not to debase himselfe, or stoope to thy smalnesse, nor to give thee the controulment of his power.
This trend was in part attributable to Florence's reluctance to debase the gold florin, which was internationally esteemed for its stable value, prestige, and reliability.
Examples from Classical Literature
If visions of truth and beauty can exalt, visions of vice can debase and degrade.
His choices free or fetter, elevate or debase, deify or demonize his humanity.
He would not mind her marrying a shoeblack if only he could debase his own family.
In the dryest, the largest, the best of them there is everything to debase the manhood and nauseate the soul.
Do not debase yourself and become lower than the beasts of the field.
Where is the man who will not debase himself if he be in want?
I will not debase what I have to say by resorting to comparisons.
By heaven, if time could so debase my soul I would spurn immortality.
It has pleased the gods to debase my House and to set up yours.
Situations and circumstances ennoble the mind, or debase it.
Instead of hallowing the life it will debase and impoverish it.
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