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One decade after the dismantling of the USSR and the restoration of capitalism, the death rate of Russia exceeds its birth rate.
The lowering of the death rate in the Kurdish areas is Cortright's final charge.
Some argue that boxing has a lower death rate per year from acute injury than other sports.
In contrast, mammograms cut the death rate by a clear 22 percent for women age 50 and older, the group said.
Because oxygen increases the margin of safety, climbing without it might increase the death rate.
In later years, the death rate of his patients was far higher than it should have been.
But even these models outperformed minicars, whose death rate of 249 per million was the worst of any vehicle.
Of the 4 million Americans with hepatitis C, the death rate is currently 10,000 a year, a number that is expected to triple in 20 years.
She asserts that the community's death rate has risen sharply, while the birth rate has crashed.
In general the death rate is four for every thousand, while the birth rate is twenty-nine for every thousand.
Women who had previously experienced caesarean section had a marginally smaller blood loss and a lower death rate from ruptured uterus.
Poor insulation against the cold is being blamed as one of the main causes of the rise in the death rate.
For teens, the combination of inexperience and immaturity provides the foundation for a high death rate.
One of the most sensitive indicators of a nation's health is that of infant mortality, the death rate of children under 1 year of age.
The death rate and infant mortality have declined, and life expectancy has increased.
We should start to see the death rate and the injury rate on New Zealand roads reducing even further.
Other advances in technology and good antenatal care have reduced the death rate.
Those at the bottom suffered three times the death rate of those at the top.
States don't have all the resources they need, and that is contributing to the high death rate, he said.
Forecasts that change the assumed attack rate or the death rate will yield different predictions.
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The death rate, while not the highest, is yet higher than in many other countries.
A concomitant of the reduced death rate was an increase in life expectancy.
The death rate during this first year, however, was frightful.
The hospitals were crowded, and the death rate was appalling.
The death rate of businesses in the UK fell slightly in 2008 before increasing sharply in 2009, rising above the birth rate.
As the number of piglets born in a litter increases, producers have seen a reduction in piglet birth weight and a rise in the death rate.
And though the death rate is very heavy, being fifty per cent.
Earth's birth and death rate are stable, and there's enough for everyone.
At once the birth rate began to rise and the death rate to fall.
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