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They can dangle like the sword of Damocles the notion of the death penalty from a treason charge over this guy's head.
I oppose the reinstatement of the death penalty with every fibre of my being.
I've never proactively analysed the issue to see what my own stance is, possibly because it won't align with my abhorrence of the death penalty.
That gives a total of one hundred and six countries that have abolished the death penalty in practice.
The film caused huge debate in Poland and was at least partially instrumental in the abolition of the death penalty.
They escaped the death penalty by only a couple of months as abolition took effect four weeks before their arrest.
In this modern perspective, the death penalty expresses not the divine judgment on objective evil but rather the collective anger of the group.
The novel is about an innocent white man on death row, railroaded because officials needed to prove that the death penalty isn't racially biased.
Those people who are against the death penalty as a matter of principle are not eligible for jury service.
Psychologists can play a role in the juvenile death penalty debate in several ways.
Wearing another hat, he is also well known in these columns for his advocacy of the death penalty.
He is outspoken in advocacy of the death penalty, an issue over which I have respectfully jousted with him twice.
Agroterrorism would be punishable by fines, imprisonment for up to life, and carry the death penalty in the most serious cases.
Whether those kangaroo courts or the regular federal courts will have recourse to the death penalty remains to be seen, but it seems likely.
If the Judge is indeed recused from death penalty cases, this will make the average Ninth Circuit death penalty case more anti-death-penalty.
Anyone who kills a dying person is liable to the death penalty as a common murderer.
Turkey, for example, has abolished the death penalty and legalised broadcasts in Kurdish.
I would vote against any reinstatement of the death penalty without a second's hesitation and support plans to rehabilitate criminals.
Because their crime was committed before the death penalty was reimposed in 1994, the killers were not eligible to receive the death penalty.
State politicians whipped up a further frenzy by calling for reinstatement of the death penalty.
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This council is mulling over the death penalty instead of doing the job we hired them to do.
He even knew that an accomplice might suffer the death penalty with the principal.
In the National Assembly he advocated the abolition of the death penalty.
Nearly all the goldsmiths and moneyers escaped the death penalty.
These families are not given a life sentence but a living death penalty, they are penalised with every appeal.
It was even rumored that he had extracted the death penalty from a white man who had maltreated a native girl.
By a decree of the 5th of September the death penalty itself was imposed.
The country's punishment for such offence includes death penalty involving death by firing squad.
By forgiving the adulterous woman, Jesus was not making a statement against the death penalty.
But I, for one, would hate to see him given the death penalty.
A moratorium should also be placed on the death penalty, which Human Rights Watch opposes in all circumstances because of its inherent cruelty and irrevocability.
Kamal has earlier had a taste of political parties' interference when he was forced to rechristen the title of his movie on death penalty from Sandiyar to Virumandi.
Chin, the court rejected Evan Teek Nakahara's claims that there were errors made in his trial, in which he told jurors he would choose the death penalty if it were up to him.
Ryan's decision would make Illinois the first of the 38 states with capital punishment to halt executions while it reviews its death penalty procedures.
A nationwide NBC poll found 47 percent of respondents in favor of giving Tsarnaev the death penalty and 42 percent who would prefer that he be imprisoned for life.
In 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted, only eight countries in the world abolished the death penalty for all crimes.
Parris Glendening commissioned University of Maryland criminologist and professor, Raymond Paternoster, to conduct a study of Maryland's use of the death penalty.
Other North Korean human rights violations cited in the EU drat include torture of prisoners, public executions and the death penalty for political reasons.
Former Tory politician, shadow Home Secretary and Privy Councillor Ann Widdecombe has been a high profile supporter for a re-introduction of the death penalty.
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