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Immunisation regulations do not treat de facto partners as parents when providing information about their child's immunisation status.
For the next two decades the EEC was de facto intergovernmental and advances to supranationality were blocked.
British currency had been de facto gold through much of the 1700s and until 1800 lacked small denomination coins.
Divorce can be obtained on the bases of adultery, intolerable behavior, desertion, and de facto separation.
Richardson is the de facto head of fundraising for Fianna Fail and organises the key fund-raisers for Ahern's constituency operations.
Marry a woman, or spend a while with her in a de facto relationship, and she can take you to the cleaners if she doesn't get what she wants.
This, combined with poor prospects for economic gain by the British, resulted in a de facto abdication of many responsibilities of governance.
Jamaican Creole, for instance, has grammars and dictionaries as well as de facto norms, but there is no standard Jamaican Creole.
Many economists have asserted that his economic policies were de facto Keynesian.
To all intents and purposes, Britain has assumed de facto control of the government of its former colony.
This is the same principle as allows a licensee who is in de facto possession to evict a trespasser.
It does put us in a difficult position if in a sense the submissions are going to a de facto challenge to the fiat.
It diminishes the usefulness of the book in providing a de facto architectural history of the city.
If you are gay, and in a relationship, wouldn't you like it to be public knowledge, just as heterosexual de facto relationships are.
The philosophy of auctions took off in the '90s, and one can grant de facto property rights without de jure property rights.
We should acknowledge that marriage, civil unions, and de facto relationships are different.
Law firms would not dream of excluding these de facto discriminators from their hiring schedules, though.
As such she acts as a de facto clearing house for much of the material brought forth from academia on the topic.
It acknowledges the de facto separation of peoples in order to try to achieve civil peace.
The affluence of its patrons gave it a de facto respectability that eluded less opulent sly-groggeries.
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In connection with corporations, the terms de facto and de jure are often used.
The county records were in Cimarron, which had been de facto the County Seat.
Perhaps this heritability was limited to those cases in which the heiress transmitted the de facto headship of her house.
You doubt that it will be me, because I'm de facto the boy with all the answers.
In such a case there is bimetallism de jure, but monometallism de facto.
The ruling de facto annulled the elections, dissolved the 2012 parliament and reinstated the 2009 unicameral legislative body.
The Punjab was de facto the furthest province on the north-west.
The income arising from goods goes to the de facto owner of the goods.
Bertrand keeps saying that he must support the de facto Government.
This helps to build a theory, which parsimoniously explains the recognition or nonrecognition of de facto states.
Whether a corporation has had a de facto liquidation is a subjective determination based on case law.
And these material objects are many not only de facto but also de jure.
But the reasons for this are fallaciously served when we unquestioningly accept the ostensible notion of male chauvinism as its singular de facto cause.
Ford, in fact, has become Pollack's de facto stand-in for Robert Redford, playing his part with the same remote impassivity that characterized Redford's work.
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