Sentences with the phrase 'dawn on'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'dawn on'? Here are some examples.

Landfall was made in the Bahamas at dawn on 12 October 1492.

At dawn on 25 September Harold's forces reached York, where he learned the location of the Norwegians.

It had been noted as a deathtrap in the fire of 1632 and, by dawn on Sunday, these houses were burning.

By dawn on 8 June, the panzers were close to Rouen and IX Corps on the Bresle was on the brink of being cut off.

Laino and several other opposition figures were arrested before dawn on the day of the election, 14 February, and held for twelve hours.

At dawn on 27 April 1521, Magellan invaded Mactan Island with 60 armed men and 1,000 Cebuano warriors, but had great difficulty landing his men on the rocky shore.

The fire was principally expanding north and west by dawn on Monday, 3 September, the turbulence of the fire storm pushing the flames both farther south and farther north than the day before.

Some churches prefer to keep this vigil very early on the Sunday morning instead of the Saturday night to reflect the gospel account of the women coming to the tomb at dawn on the first day of the week.

At dawn on 25 May, the German bombardment resumed, concentrating on the old town, where buildings fell into streets, high winds fanned fires everywhere and smoke from explosions and the fires blocked the view.

The city being divided by the Malacca River, the connecting bridge was a strategic point, so at dawn on 25 July the Portuguese landed and fought a tough battle, facing poisoned arrows, taking the bridge in the evening.

Shortly after dawn on that same morning they would die beneath the Southern Cross.

It happened at dawn on December 3, 1854.

Nor did it dawn on him when he noticed the jumble of papers and files on his usually neat desk.

If it is beginning to dawn on young men that many people think fathers don't matter.

At DAWN on a Friday soon a young Australian will be taken from his death-row cell in the grey colonial pile of Singapore's Changi Prison.

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