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Sentence Examples
While other sporting associations and organisations vacillated and dithered and dallied, the GAA got on with it.
When I was 12, I dallied before basketball practice until it was late enough that I needed to ask my mother for a ride.
Catz dallied on the ball in the left-back slot and the alert Woodcock stole the ball, but he was stopped from finishing at the last gasp.
She'd promised the Dean that she would be at his office as soon as she got up, and she had already dallied enough as it was.
From the corner, the Colombian international seized on the ball unmarked at the far post but dallied enough to allow Edmondson a smart block.
In the past NY women might have dallied with a man in uniform, but wouldn't have pursued one.
They starved together, Minna helped his career, they separated, he dallied with other women, they tried again, they gave up.
Even those who merely dallied with the legend found themselves strangely affected.
He had dallied for weeks before pursuing the defeated Confederate army into Virginia, even resisting direct orders to advance.
She meant something more to him than any of the strumpets he'd dallied with before.
A pair of bluebirds and a phoebe dallied across the street, and a hummingbird zipped across the western sky.
But by then Livingston should have killed the game when Fernandez dispossessed Murdock again in 67 and cut inside to Lilley who dallied before striking a tame shot wide.
I have dallied with the dark side but like Luke, I will never turn.
At the end block I turned and dallied in some side streets, expecting the Yukon to come blasting through a snowdrift and T-bone me into a body cast.
When his horse cast two shoes, he stopped at a farm to have them replaced and dallied there afterward for several minutes to avoid going out in a heavy shower.
Frantically flitting from himbo to bozo, busy Jess also dallied with Jordan, Josh and Luis.
Twenty years he dallied there between conjugal love and its chaste delights and scortatory love and its foul pleasures.
The end of the top rope he dallied around the gooseneck trailer hitch.
He never dallied with the image, beloved of the Renaissance, of the lean and shrunk-shanked scholar, possessed of infinite Sitzfleisch and inured to pain.
Examples from Classical Literature
He dallied in his room so that she might have plenty of time in which to learn Mary's news.
And still Charles dallied and delayed, still the main army did not come up.
We had sent our men on before while we dallied with our friends at Mpwapwa.
They pushed off, scrambling into the boat, and we sent more silent, hot pepper after the legs that dallied.
Obviously he had dallied with the demon and was spectacularly the worse for it.
In this pool Krishna ever sported in the water with Radha and on the bank he dallied in the RSA dance.
He has dared this, which I have dallied with, and left undone.
She walked slowly and more slowly as he dallied by her side.
The thought occurred to him, and he dallied with it for his pleasure.
If he had dallied in his love-making he lingered in his kissing.
I dallied with little home clubs wherein we discussed poetry and art and the nuances of grammar.
He dallied with the thought for a little time, and then dismissed it.
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