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Among the items on display will be old photographs, documents, newspaper cuttings, reports and children's work on the history of their school.
She drew my attention to a recent wreck dive in the Firth of Forth and enclosed lurid Scottish newspaper cuttings about it.
Softwood cuttings are taken from new growth made in early spring to midsummer and are green at the tip and base.
Take cuttings from last seasons growth, cut just below the bud and trim the top on the diagonal.
Ever since we first published the book we have been busy compiling a file of local news, newspaper cuttings and potential updates.
I included cuttings from newspapers, drafts of my poems and other written work, sketches and small paintings that I had no other home for.
A typical sugar camp or sugar bush encompassed an area of some 900 taps or cuttings, with up to three taps made per tree.
The arts and craft fair committee want green-fingered villagers to contribute to the plant stall by growing seeds or taking cuttings.
The wax cuttings were put into the cages with the honey workers and bee bread.
One of her favourite hobbies was collecting cuttings from local newspapers about happenings and events in which her family were involved.
He's trying to grow cuttings, but doesn't even know which part of the plant is best to strike from.
Generally these do for all our needs, whether it's sowing seed, striking cuttings or general potting up.
However, it was essential that the council facilitate these committees in the disposal of grass cuttings.
This time some of the rubbish is grass and tree cuttings from a garden, which can easily be recycled.
It's sort of got a boho vibe going on, with the loose belts and the cuttings of the cardigans.
Deb harvests cuttings from her potted succulents, leaving short stubs of stem that can be poked through the wreath's outer layer of moss.
Can anyone tell me where a person is expected to dispose of hedge cuttings, grass, etc.
Back in the car, filled with the fumes of composting grass cuttings, Graham was playing solitaire on his PDA while waiting.
On one side of the cloth are transfers of photos and newspaper cuttings and on the reverse I wrote this poem.
Almost all of what is left of this wonderful railway is in deep cuttings and this will attract undesirables without question.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Like most of the sedum tribe it may readily be propagated by cuttings, or parting its roots in autumn.
In this way came sea lavender in full bloom, crimson monkey plant from the London window-box, and cuttings of mesembryanthemum.
The thick cuttings from a wedge-shaped wood-working tool, as from an axe or adz.
Leaf cuttings of some tuberiferous or bulbiferous plants produce little tubers or bulbs in the same way.
Mr. Caruthers has brought a root of mint and some cuttings of granadilla, which have been set out along the arbor.
If cuttings are buried so deep that they cannot sprout, callusing may be hastened by placing them in a mild temperature.
In this manner, cuttings which have been obtained in winter or spring can be callused before planting time.
Like stivalis, bicolor does not thrive on limy soils and it is difficult to propagate from cuttings.
The variegated form of C. scandens should be propagated by cuttings to hold the variegation.
In this way came sea lavender in full bloom, crimson monkey plant from the London window box, and cuttings of mesembryanthemum.
The drawback is that fewer plants can be obtained by layering than from cuttings with a given amount of wood.
The rooting of cuttings is an interesting task to all who are fond of flowers.
Clean your knife when taking cuttings by wiping it with methylated spirit to prevent virus and other diseases being spread between plants.
We always dress the surface with grit to retain moisture yet stop the neck of the cuttings from rotting and to keep down weeds and liverwort.
Cote d'Ivoire exports a specific range of floricultural products, including pineapple flowers and a wide variety of cuttings of green plants.
Take cuttings of new shoots of tender plants, including diascia, fuchsia, pelargonium and verbena.
Then Sherlock Holmes pulled down from the shelf one of the ponderous commonplace books in which he placed his cuttings.
The fuchsia is readily propagated by cuttings of the young wood.
The shrubby and herbaceous kinds may be increased by cuttings or division.
Naturally it is ignorant of botany, and knows nothing of cuttings.
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