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He designed a series of bunkers, a 22-foot fill, and a lake to the right of the 13th green, which prevents cutting off the dogleg.
This is done by cutting off all fruited canes at the base and untangling new growth and tying it to supports against the wall or fence.
A pensioner has slammed vandals who wrecked his car, cutting off his disabled wife's lifeline to the outside world.
I saw him cutting off distinguished authors at the ankles with short, savage ripostes that made one wince.
When Williams came around the screen and looked for room to drive, Baxter was directly in his road, cutting off access to the lane.
Dublin City Council acted quickly in January 2012, cutting off the love locks which had adorned the Ha'penny Bridge.
There were other attacks on Tuesday, disrupting the flow of oil and, astoundingly, cutting off electricity to a good deal of the country.
Toddy, an alcoholic liquor, is made by tapping the tree, which is done by cutting off the tip of a flower stem.
And a schlemazel would do the first two things and end up cutting off his hands in the process.
Female nurses busied themselves lifting the patient and cutting off his clothes.
The creatures stopped and stood in a half-circle, cutting off any hope I may've had of escape.
It seems that there are people here who are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.
Second generation borers initially feed on leaf collars and sheaths, cutting off the flow of nutrients to the developing ear.
The faint sound of the shower reached him as he continued through the downstairs cutting off lights and setting the coffee maker.
This thing around my neck is searing and blistering my skin black and cutting off circulation to my brain and life-giving oxygen to my lungs.
Racing to a 6-0 lead in the third, Edwards moved Farrer continuously, cutting off early and using the boast to good effect.
Mud, debris and knee-high slush from landslides blocked roads, cutting off many remote villages.
Both fighters were capable of cutting off the ring and both were very good boxers.
Around the district railway and traffic bridges were washed away or damaged, cutting off the district.
Dan Sampson said the alleged thief disguised the horse by cutting off its mane.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If a cutworm chances to be fenced in, he will show himself by cutting off a plant.
Prepare one end of each as shown in Fig. 253, notching it for the bar to fit in and cutting off the corner.
To the right, crossing and cutting off the valley, are the Bernese Alps, their snow-covered peaks glistening in the sunlight.
Saguntum would destroy her houses to refortify herself with new barriers, cutting off his passage!
With the cutting off of the water supply at the roots in late fall, transpiration is also cut off.
At this juncture, Pierre and Paul Lanier emerge from a trapdoor, cutting off escape.
To avoid the difficulties of disarticulation, Skey recommends cutting off the head of the second metatarsal with a pair of pliers.
An electric screen is a device for cutting off the influence of an electric charge.
They will have to be cashiered, or starved out by cutting off the supplies.
For cutting off under the steam hammer, the hack shown in Fig. 2879 is used, being simply a wedge with an iron handle.
The Rheims around my wrists are nearly cutting off my hands.
For cutting off weeds, the push Hoe or scarifier is excellent.
Lifting a floorboard that was previously held down by a tongue and groove side joint usually involves cutting off at least one of the side joints.
Rebecca, who knew nothing of their business affairs, merely saw her aunts grow more and more saving, pinching here and there, cutting off this and that relentlessly.
Staff are cutting off branches from the old trees and creating new habitats and climbing areas for the monkeys, a mixture of marmosets and tamarins, to explore.
The Americans should not be cutting off Baghdad's arms, legs, head, etc.
Tidy plants in winter containers, cutting off the yellowing leaves of polyanthus and primroses, and removing dead flowers using a pair of scissors.
But it is one thing, to abbreviate by contracting, another by cutting off.
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