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It helps to wrap an elastic cord around the whole bunch and use a saw to cut the old stems below the cord.
With a combination blade in your saw, set the depth of cut just to cut through the sheathing.
At the very least, the taxman should take a healthy cut and redistribute it to more worthy causes.
As the wood is cut, the heaviest sawdust is sucked down into the small bag.
With both his small hands Dominic had gripped tightly the end of each board jutting off the sawhorse as Mr. Russo carefully cut through it.
Place the marked sheet on sawhorses and cut along the penciled lines with a circular saw set to the proper depth.
Throughout the war years hay was cut and raked with horse teams pulling the equipment.
This way you can save the charity tax, and higher rate taxpayers can even cut their own personal tax bills.
Holding the cloth in his teeth, he managed to cut jagged strips off for bandages.
Only a minority are cut into sawlog and made into high value furniture, flooring or building materials.
Last month the Victorian government announced that the number of sawlogs allowed to be pulled out of the State's forests will be cut by a third.
Singapore Airlines and other carriers cut flights after visitors avoided the city and as many as nine in 10 hotel rooms were left empty.
Scott can dazzle but has missed the cut in eight of the 15 majors he has played, including last year's Masters.
I also cut, have no self-esteem and tried to kill myself, nothing majorly serious, on a number of occasions.
A cut is made through the wall of the abdomen to one side of the main incision.
If the person is holding the stone or has the stone in his possession then he cannot be burned by fire, cut by a knife or killed with a gun.
I like wafer thin sandwich ham, the hot dog, a slice of just cut saucisson.
I am very concerned about the likely world-wide depression that would ensue if the world were to be cut off from Saudi crude.
Parliament decided to use its army to cut off Rupert's lines of support and so moved off the moor and made for Tadcaster.
I made out I was a big time player, willing to provide some funding in return for a cut of the action.
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Examples from Classical Literature
To meet it the greatest of all the Lodes was cut from the Cam at Upware, and at its hithe our road has its termination.
The mighty shape shoots up twenty feet or so, and the man in the singlet darts to the corner to cut a lone detaining rope.
In that case it must be cut into short billets and rolled, as a cant-hook man rolls a log down a skidway.
Overcoats were cut as simply as possible, though they did not skimp the material but made them wide and loose.
He was dressed from head to foot in a skin-tight suit of underwear which had been cut for him by a Garden-of-Eden tailor.
He cut up the dead calf, skinned it, and nailed the skin up in the porch to dry.
After having set for some days it is ready to be slabbed and cut into cakes.
When the soap is set, it is slabbed, cut into cakes, dried slightly and pressed.
After having remained in the frame the time required to solidify and cool, the soap is slabbed and cut into cakes.
The large solid cake is cut with wires by hand or by a slabber into slabs of any desired size.
But wherever his abilities lay, it was plain that the red-headed boy had not been cut out by nature for a high jumper.
The high-speed steel cutter is ground to take a side cut on the end of the bar.
Boil the sloe gin and quinine to a frazzle, put in the pampooties, cut in thin slices, and take out an insurance policy.
No tree with fruit or blossoms can be cut down, as the sloka threatens the cutter with destruction of his family and wealth.
A cat, dog, rabbit, or Guinea pig will furnish parts from which sections can be cut for the study of histology.
The silver-tongued chimes cut into Jerrys speech, ringing out a live little prelude before striking seven.
But, taking an axe, we cut young pine trees and constructed a fence round the wagon to serve as a hogpen.
So when he asked me to go with him I cut every tie that bound me to my old life as one snips the withered leaves from a plant.
Two small holes are frequently cut in the snowbank which forms the ledge, at about the middle of its height.
The trail curved sharply ahead and Troy gently manipulated the front fork skis into a snowplow to cut speed.
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