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How to use curmudgeonly in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word curmudgeonly? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Everyone who posts there is interesting and insightful, but I confess to having a soft spot for the curmudgeonly posts of Tom Smith.
Beneath this curmudgeonly exterior lurks the soft heart and even softer head of a hapless romantic.
Overpriced in my opinion, but at least on the brink of bearability, even with my curmudgeonly grumbling.
His beautifully enunciated vowels and curmudgeonly misogyny were so accurately rendered that he took over the stage whenever he appeared.
He takes his shots at me, but he has an acerbic, curmudgeonly style that gives me a laugh and he happily owns up to his prejudices.
Many of the books we see these days perched perfectly in high street seasonal window displays are written by static, worn-out, curmudgeonly blatherskites.
This attempt at self-denial lasted approximately one minute, after which I gave up and found myself agreeing with all the bad-tempered, curmudgeonly opinions being aired.
James Watson, of the Nobel Prize-winning team that discovered the structure of DNA, played up his curmudgeonly persona to the max.
James Caan should be able to play a curmudgeonly drunk grandpa in his sleep and still get laughs.
Just one more curmudgeonly self-hating conservative tax analyst and we have a trend!
Vincent in which she plays Daka, a pregnant Russian stripper and the girlfriend of Bill Murray's bawdy, curmudgeonly Vietnam war vet, Vincent.
There is an endearing side to this curmudgeonly cat burglar that surfaces most clearly in his regular visits to the local library.
Mr Turner is the outstanding result, a film that introduces the painter as a portly fellow with a top hat and a curmudgeonly expression in repose.
In 1928 curmudgeonly magician Stanley Crawford leaves his fiancee in London to visit his Aunt Vanessa on the French Riviera.
If it were only the party that was premature, it would be rather curmudgeonly of me to object, but we are anticipating the Constitution in other more important ways.
It drew sniffy reviews from curmudgeonly critics but made pots of money.
It featured Old Bill, a curmudgeonly soldier with trademark walrus moustache and balaclava, and proved a moralebooster with downbeat troops.
But, starting with the pilot, the drama makes a bad gamble: it takes for granted that we'll care about the fates of its shutoff, curmudgeonly power brokers, yet never gives us much reason to do so.
I am too crotchety and curmudgeonly and begrudging and jaded: I turned 67 rather recently, and I've lost that natural instinct to believe everything I hear, but I would worry a little about the timeline of the five years.
Which well-known English actor played the opinionated and curmudgeonly Stan Carter in EastEnders?
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Havers is being revealed to be the most curmudgeonly old codger imaginable.
Now I am well aware I may appear to be a curmudgeonly old fogie writing this, someone well older than his 32 years of age.
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