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The etagere was the focal point of the parlor and often displayed precious glass, marble, porcelain, and curiosities on its cascading shelves.
Specimens of minerals, ores, and gemstones began to be saved for their scientific value and as natural curiosities.
Books, postcards, ornamental and decorative pieces, curiosities and some plain junk.
And amidst the displays of oddities and curiosities, the museum of anatomy was in some ways the oddest and most curious.
The exhibit presents the animals as fellow beings we are close to and responsible for, not as exotic curiosities for us to exploit.
The primary lesson we took from our Delphic oracle project is not the well-worn message that modern science can elucidate ancient curiosities.
Old style anthropological methods treated Indigenous peoples as historical curiosities, as remnants of a dead culture.
The unusual surface textures of fossil cycads have been interesting curiosities to collectors for a long time.
The mirror is currently on display in the Enlightenment Gallery in a cabinet devoted to other similar curiosities.
A true memorial must address the imagination and not merely present an assortment of ghoulish curiosities.
As analysis began to mix inextricably with geometry and the other branches of mathematics, the curiosities multiplied.
What place does history have in this cabinet of curiosities and the catalogue that enumerates its holdings?
Drawings and ephemera throughout the room make it a veritable collector's cabinet of curiosities.
But at some point, you can not only observe these curiosities and understand them, but you can control them.
Such stones were useless to the early quarriers, although they would often take the specimens home as curiosities.
You know that I have an agent who is always on the look-out for rarities and curiosities for my collection.
This was an ai or three-toed sloth. It was in the possession of a gentleman, who was collecting curiosities.
I try to withhold all curiosities and concentrate on maintaining my composure.
One of the most ancient of mathematical curiosities is the so-called magic square.
Improved understanding of gastropod phylogenetics goes far beyond satisfying the trivial curiosities of malacologists.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As it is, these letters are among the curiosities of amatory correspondence.
All this has attracted a crowd of inquisitive Siamese and Chinamen, who come to see the farang and admire his curiosities.
Steel helmets were also issued at Hohenzollern and were considered curiosities.
Indian arrow-heads, for any ocean curiosities except a sea-urchin and a horseshoe crab.
One of the great pleasures or curiosities was a ride on his back in a howdah.
By the time this was done, Ben arrived with the first instalment of curiosities.
The magical mirror, having lost its theurgic enchantment, finally was placed among the curiosities of the late Earl of Oxford.
I will exchange some madrone berries, a piece of manzanita wood and bark, and a few sugar-pine nuts, for ocean curiosities.
Among the curiosities of the nosology may be mentioned wrist-drop, doubtless from working in lead.
In the morning he is shown the curiosities, chiefly Scripture relics, in the palace.
I visited many other apartments, but shall not trouble my reader with all the curiosities I observed, being studious of brevity.
I too see that painting and sculpture are gymnastics of the eye, its training to the niceties and curiosities of its function.
A County Clare man boasted of his collection of Irish curiosities.
There are also many curiosities of compilation in auction catalogues.
She looked at her eternal furniture, her curiosities, her lacquers, and said to herself that all these fine things wanted was a master.
We came away by means of greeds and curiosities imagined by self-will.
Barnum made a career of exhibiting curiosities, celebrating their anomalous features and inviting their inspection.
The history of Babrias is so strange and interesting, that it might not unfitly be enumerated among the curiosities of literature.
Two curiosities of ballooning are connected with these gardens.
We began now to fall in with some of the curiosities of the China Sea.
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