How to use corroborated by in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
It is also corroborated by most of the other contemporaneous documentary evidence.
Is it possible that Raines just can't see reliable sources for such tales, corroborated by other, unconnected reliable sources?
This source material is corroborated by official and semi-official records, and can be easily verified and cross-checked.
This self report was corroborated by cotinine concentration in residual routine blood or saliva samples.
This is corroborated by the fact that the interconversion between A 1 and A 3 is very fast at room temperature, which cannot be explained by a simple tautomeric conversion.
This version of events is corroborated by Eliza's friend Milena Baroni, a 25-year-old law student from Rio.
This statement will, I believe. be corroborated by any unprejudiced Homer man that has had an actual experience with Hen pigeons.
In contrast, our molecular data show that Petrocosmea consists of five clades corroborated by morphological data as prementioned.
This assessment is largely corroborated by archaeological finds of Hun military equipment, such as the Volnikovka and Brut Burials.
Senator Carl Levin, which was later corroborated by an April 2006 report from the Defense Department's inspector general.
His attribution for this statement similarly cannot be corroborated by reliable sources.
Confessions obtained under torture could not be used as a ground for awarding punishment unless they were corroborated by circumstantial evidence.
As such, Geographica provides a valuable source of information on the ancient world, especially when this information is corroborated by other sources.
This assumption is corroborated by the fact that the proportion of semislugs in the present fauna is low as compared with the proportions of snails and slugs.
However, much of his account has not yet been corroborated by archaeology, whilst his narrative must in wide parts be considered as biased and, in some points, unlikely.
Examples from Classical Literature
This statement is corroborated by many passages in the Acts, such as xviii.
He had long had the idea that they did, and this belief had been annoyingly corroborated by the cocksureness of Yates.
This is corroborated by a low thyroxine level of 0.6 micrograms percent, which is hypothyroid for wolves.
He had also been corroborated by a man who had seen the man who took it down from the heliograph.
The information was corroborated by a call upon the liveryman, and they acted upon it.
These evidences of an impulse to look on correction as a quite proper thing are corroborated by stories of self-punishment.
What the greenlander said is corroborated by what a Kaffir said.
This was corroborated by his landlord, who had received by messenger the key of the house together with the rent due, in English money.
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