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Check stored bulbs and corms for frost damage, fungal disease and attacks by rodents.
The former probably show more vegetative reproduction, by rhizomes, corms and bulbs.
In order to propagate, lift the corms and gently pull away the cormlets then replant the mature corm.
The small cormlets can be removed in the spring and planted with the regular corms in a nursery row.
Before putting the corms and cormels into storage, dust them with an insecticide for thrip control.
The corms of these African natives, which the Dutch sometimes call Abyssinian gladioli, should be planted after the last threat of frost is gone.
Clonal progeny may be produced by stolons, runners, rhizomes, tubers, buds on bulbs, corms and roots, layering of stems, and agamospermous seed.
Despite their differing underground structures, corms, tuberous roots, and rhizomes are all referred to as bulbs.
Gladiolus is propagated from cormels which grow in clusters on stolons between mother and daughter corms.
For tender plants like gladiolus, store the corms and cormels in a cool, dry place over winter and plant in spring.
The cormels are used for human consumption while the corms are used for animal feeding.
For this reason it is desirable to save cormels to develop a constant supply of young, vigorous corms.
Bulbs, tubers, roots and corms should be firm and have no obvious mechanical damage or mold.
To our knowledge, humans are the only organism that routinely digs up, divides and replants tubers, bulbs and corms of flowers.
Bulbs are geophytes including flower-producing bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes with underground storage systems.
The corms of these selected plants were sectioned and the diameter of the corm and central cylinder determined.
Plant corms 3 to 4 inches deep and 6 inches apart in rich, well-drained soil in an area that gets full sun and no summer water.
Crocuses and gladioli, for example, are really corms, while such favorites as dahlias and begonias are really tubers.
Along with true bulbs, several types of flowers, sold as bulbs, grow from the underground stem growth of rhizomes, tubers, and corms.
We're hoping that the next garden will have a spot where we can safely plant a few corms to naturalise and spread out.
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Plant anemone and ranunculus roots and the corms of gladiolus.
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