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With your keyboard as a control panel, you begin your planning by zooming in on your desired location.
The report of Total Heating Limited recommends the renewal of the control panel and controls.
Turning it lengthwise she tediously punched in a couple commands on a tiny control panel with her nail.
The control panel earth wire will need to be securely screwed to the chassis of the vehicle.
A geared three-phase motor, the speed of which would be controlled by an inverter linked up to the control panel would drive the belt.
To set it up correctly for tone dialling you have to remove the front cover on the control panel.
Often, consciously or unconsciously on the part of the designer, the interface takes the form of a control panel or a kind of dashboard.
Random pipes and spirals, and a control panel of unmarked knobs and sliders completed the B-movie feel.
They picked up items that lay strewn across the small control panel and sniffed at them.
It also includes a variable temperature control panel and a 30-minute timer that should minimise the risk of over and undercooking.
The fan housing at the top of the case also contains the display and control panel.
The manual also contains a handy navigation chart for the control panel on the printer itself.
The fire caused the motorelectronics and the control panel to malfunction before spreading to the adjacent wells.
The cause of the alarm sounding was subsequently traced to a fault in a control panel.
I've checked all the driver versions in the control panel, and they're all definitely the latest.
Its remote control panel might have 21 buttons, but a simple colour code made it easy to use.
The radiologist operating the in-room CT fluoroscopic control panel stood on the right near the foot of the CT table.
The girls look nervously at the decks, the mixing desk, the CD control panel.
He swung the machine aside and punched a few buttons on a control panel, hoisting the machine up to the left side of the ceiling.
The general opened the steel briefcase to reveal a black control panel, full of dials, indicators and buttons.
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At a safe distance from the bore site, a master control panel had been jury-rigged to control all units simultaneously.
Detached from the control panel of his cerebral cortex his body mechanism functioned perfectly.
There are similar markings on the control panel, Dickson said into the silence.
He reached out his hand to touch the control panel, and his arm did not respond.
There was a power pack, consisting of batteries and a dynamotor, an amplifier, and a control panel.
The elder Dr. Arcot glanced in surprise at the heavy-duty ammeter in a control panel.
He detached himself from the tilting control panel and sailed wildly about like a hydrophobic goldfish in a bowl of water.
His hand moved over the control panel in the armrest of his chair, and the scene changed.
Effra's fingers moved like lightning over the control panel.
Also a switch was developed to indicate the wear of the brake shoe, sending a signal back to the control panel.
Then Burl took the control panel and switched off the station.
He turned to Lockhart who was at the control panel with Oberfield.
He turned to the control panel, flipped switches, checked gauges.
At the control panel, Coxine was bawling orders to his crew.
He raced back to the control panel, snapped a glance at the speed dial.
He pointed to a metal-backed book lying on the control panel.
I manned the remote control panel for the duplicator Construction Company.
His eyes caressed the gleaming furnishings of the control panel.
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