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Matthews creates works that successfully straddle the line between contrived arty flourishes and successful accidents.
The story does seem hermetically contrived, as if written for the stage, yet it turns out it is based on a true story.
For a movie that seems contrived as a backdrop for madcap hilarity, there's precious little hilarity to distract you from the backdrop.
Although the situations are often ridiculous, the gags don't feel overly contrived.
The whole thing's coated with a sugary Gen X slackerness that, for probably the first time in five years, doesn't seem silly or contrived.
A nasty, overwrought contrived thriller about a woman suspected of bumping off her appalling husband.
At times his work gets bogged down in its own abstract acrobatics, becoming contrived and overwrought.
He is simply too much of a freak, and his supposed childhood trauma too specialized and contrived, for us to take him seriously.
It was as if the claimant's complaint had been without any merit at all, as if it had been contrived.
To me, the classical skiing that we have now feels a little unnatural or contrived at times.
They're never overly clever with anything that they do, chord progressions and bass lines are hardly contrived.
Its plot is more contrived and seems to be a little bit rushed towards the end.
According to the students, false memory syndrome was merely a legal defense contrived by accused perpetrators.
Here, however, several contrived situations are grafted into the plot to generate artificial tension.
Even if you discount the improbability of such poetically contrived melodrama, there are difficulties with this.
Over the past five years, each have contrived to reduce the events to farcical levels, at least once.
The film is modestly and precisely made, but combatively, with genuine and not contrived feeling.
Spoken entirely in Latin and Aramaic, it is contrived, opaque and incomprehensible.
His suggestion of a British Day, along the lines of Independence Day in America, is too contrived to have appeal.
Ghost lineages are frankly a contrived solution, a deus ex machina required by the cladistic method.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Why is one-half our consumable product contrived for consumption that yields no material benefit?
How Gerald and Tod contrived to do their lessons amidst it was a marvel to every one.
To-day she had contrived to pick up some geranium blossoms, scarlet and pink.
Margarita had contrived to gain my interest by the assiduity of her attentions.
By this time they had contrived to make the cellar a little more comfortable.
When Fred had him tight, he caught one of Jock's straying arms, bent it slowly behind his back, and contrived a hammerlock.
The rebels installed themselves in the city of Bayamo, which for several weeks they contrived to hold against the enemy.
Fortunately, however, the greater part of it contrived to escape, and to reach Berbera in safety.
If he had betrayed them, yet he had so contrived that they should not suffer by that betrayal.
But so cunningly contrived a mizmaze was never seen in the world, before nor since.
The compass was neatly contrived of the cup of an acorn, through the bottom of which ran a hedgehog's prickle.
Mrs. standish made a furious gesture, but contrived to refrain from speech.
By some subtle process she contrived to imbue the baby also with this idea.
Jean Cornbutte contrived to surround this part of the pipe with some metallic canvas, which is impermeable by heat.
If every imposture be his work, why should he not act through those who have contrived it?
I trusted to the little scene I had just contrived to prepare the mind of the czaritza for this intimation.
She made no reply, but took from a pocket a bezant, and contrived to throw its yellow gleam in the sentinel's eyes.
The branks was a species of iron mask, with a gag so contrived as to enter the mouth and forcibly hold down the unruly member.
A ploughman who contrived to gallop ten miles for him did not get home for a week.
With the aid and abetment of a bottle of excellent Montrachet, however, one contrived to worry through.
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