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Courtney was sitting next to me and she and I kept getting each answer right while the actual contestants kept getting them wrong.
For a quiz programme, it was quite a short one, with the questions being fired rapidly, and answered with equal speed by the contestants.
All contestants took home a pizza plate and slicer and the winners won food processors.
One's main anxiety is that neither of this year's sporting contestants are cricketers.
Each of the contestants were asked to pick one of eight envelopes presented to them.
In order to qualify, all 100 contestants on the shortlist have to answer the same question.
The ten heats over the next few weeks will play the part of selecting the contestants for the finals.
The referees smiled and more often than not called out to the contestants to complete the race.
Given the background music, the contestants have to identify the song and sing it.
And should you want to be a contestant, or rather a pair of contestants, just send an email here.
According to reports, choosing a winner from the final three contestants was a hard task.
The contestants will be judged on technical skills as well as for smooth presentation.
After three or more contestants have strutted their stuff, the winner is decided by popular acclaim.
The evening went on as the contestants relaxed and restored their strained tissues.
The applicants were then interviewed and tested for suitability and contestants selected.
You will win a really cool prize. A prize so cool, I can't even tell you what it is at risk of upsetting contestants who don't win.
Presumably the six contestants could argue that they were tricked or deceived though, couldn't they?
He made it through the first few rounds, but suffered another blow when he missed out on a place in the final shortlist of 10 contestants.
In cat or dog shows such as Crufts, the contestants are judged purely on features of the breed.
According to my bird book, bulbuls are pugnacious, and are still used as contestants in bulbul fights.
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When Macintosh glowers at the contestants, he does so with an arched eyebrow that would do Stephen Colbert proud.
Among contestants who sizzled in the episode was Shamita Shetty, who took to reprising Madhuri Dixit's evergreen Dhak dhak dance.
And new housemate Suzie had to pick four other contestants to join her for a champagne dinner last night.
We didn't see any actual cooking and this hopelessly dreary programme made no attempt to drum up even a soupcon of interest in the contestants.
At fault, the same inadequate ideological training, nescience, and inconsistency of organizers and contestants alike.
Hilarious situation unfolded as contestants tunelessly communicated via song especially Sangram.
Three contestants will also be awarded with the titles of Miss Air, Miss Water and Miss Fire at the event.
With the clock ticking, the contestants must grill their offerings perfection to avoid serving up an unappetising scrambled egg and custard soup.
The target was not so far but that twelve out of the twenty contestants reached its inner circle.
Above the heads of the contestants I could see from my elevated station upon the dais the face of my old friend Kantos Kan.
Louise Hart, from Coventry-based Dogs for the Disabled, will be one of three contestants on The National Lottery Third Degree on Wednesday.
The first contestants must make the French dessert, a Floating Island, while the remaining three have to cook a blue steak with a green peppercorn sauce in 15 minutes.
With the clock ticking, the contestants must grill their offerings to perfection to avoid serving up an unappetising scrambled egg and custard soup.
Slowly they were overpowering him, though a score of them bled from ugly wounds, and two lay very still beneath the trampling feet, and the rolling bodies of the contestants.
Regulars at a small pub in Cumbria can expect to hear the tallest tales and most farfetched fibs as contestants from around the country line up to lie their way to glory.
This year organisers have arranged the biggest-ever audition tour of Ireland and the UK looking for contestants for what remains the biggest talent show on these islands.
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