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Sentence Examples
Once again, a fine contest between two top class racers had delivered an excellent race.
What we need is a gladiatorial contest between the representative champions of each political party.
The Boat Race is the annual rowing contest between England's two oldest and most distinguished universities.
We need leaders who can raise their sights to a contest between competing visions of the good society.
Nor are they a beauty contest between the three options with the winner being the council's adopted plan.
Snap competition was a contest between the twelve teams, each headed up by a senior, in which a series of marching maneuvers was carried out.
The race quickly becomes a contest between Borghese's Italia and the Spyker, driven by a Dutch circus roustabout.
The contest between capital and labour over the fruits of economically productive activity remains the front line struggle.
But take a closer look and what you find is a fascinating contest between a shooting star and one of the game's fading greats.
Thus the struggle for legitimacy and recognition is not only a contest between traditional authorities and state actors.
So the contest between fear of nuclear weapons and fear of chemical or biological weapons could be a close-run thing.
Coriolanus charts the destructive contest between a vain aristocratic soldier and the self-seeking patricians who claim to represent the masses.
The celebrations in Samokov also included a contest between Roma orchestras, a beauty pageant and a football tournament.
He tossed away the concept of oxygen tanks and big teams and camps, and made mountaineering a more equal contest between man and mountain.
Uniformed police start shooing the crowd away, and it becomes a contest between the city cops and the Mounties to see who can get their yellow tape up first.
A tug of war contest between the village rugby and football clubs entertained the crowds, as did a welly throwing contest and bird of prey demonstration.
The secessionists triumphed in the early months of 1861, but the contest between these groups would continue even after these states left the Union.
The contest between visuality and textuality incarnates the interplay between the political and the aesthetic, between justice and pleasure, truth and beauty.
In order for any such dispute to conclude, there has got to be a resolution of a contest between those who speak for the neatly ideal and those who speak for the messily real.
This was a keenly fought contest between two evenly matched teams.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Then had followed a magnificent contest between the Rev. Athelstan and the boarhound.
Fogg and Fix was in rags, as if they had themselves been actively engaged in the contest between Camerfield and Mandiboy.
For an hour the contest between them went on and then they went back into the parlor and Louise escaped up the stairs.
I was much interested one day by watching a deadly contest between a Pepsis and a large spider of the genus Lycosa.
This was a contest between Dafydd and his rival bard, Rhys Meigan.
There would be no room for clubs that were not rolling in cash and the competition would ossify into a wealth contest between a small number of clubs.
Best Group will be a contest between Black Eyed Peas, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, Pussycat Dolls and The Streets, while Gnarls Barkley's Crazy is up for Best Song.
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