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This, together with the high import content of the tourism sector, leads to a worsening of the balance of trade.
The change in heat content of the products relative to the reactants in a chemical reaction is known as the change in enthalpy.
It is a patient bird, quite content to sit for hours at a time until a young rabbit, a rat or a mouse chances to pass beneath it.
This could lead not merely to low alcohol content but to acrid and pungent tastes and aromas as well.
Its sharp, contemporary tone and content is designed to reflect the issues that matter to British Asians.
Most people are content with having more acquaintances and very few friends.
The film may not be stylistically adventurous, with long scenes and conventional editing, but the content bites.
The media is interested in content that will appeal to their readers, which should preferably be juicy.
Because of RDF's peculiar design, the content can be dumped into the template in a careless manner and everything simply works.
The note further explained he was content because his colleagues had treated him well.
The detailed content of each section was tailored according to the answers in individual questionnaires.
Store any leftovers in a cool, dry place because the high oil content of the nuts can lead to rancidity.
And not content with conquering dry land, the festival will also be waterborne, with boat trips and river-related theatre.
Elsewhere the vocal strength is wasted on dull content and music which has had much of the soul digitally removed from it.
He abhors the fast food culture and, as a student, can't understand why many of his peers are content to be couch potatoes.
In these cases, the complex content of the clause, either affirmative or negative, is symbolized by a single, unanalysable morpheme.
The Lootens formula keeps sulfite content low, uses very little bromide, and adds small amounts of citric acid and potassium thiocyanate.
Notoriously ill-informed over policy detail and often content to abdicate control, he nonetheless maintained presidential dominance.
Put another way, it is the content of his affidavit or statement which determines the assertion.
They are not weldable, have poor ductility and only poor-to-fair toughness depending on carbon content and hardness.
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