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It has been the origin of a lot of discord and a lot of contention over consents.
It must mean also that it has obtained whatever consents are needed to enable an assignment of rights to be effective.
Does somebody who consents to a judgment have a prima facie right to costs, or not?
I will work throughout the biennium to encourage nurses to submit consents to serve for elective and appointed positions.
Under their influence, he consents to the emasculation of his revolutionary poems before publication, a weakness he bitterly regrets.
Where V consents only as a result of D's threats or as a result of fear, this will negative consent.
It is a boom fuelled by constraints on planning consents for housebuilders plus relatively low interest rates for mortgage borrowers.
The judge locates the twins' mother and she consents to take back the boys.
But not only does she accede to the arrangement, she consents to be the one to find a woman who can have children.
These days, not unreasonably, he seldom consents to interviews other than to promote the occasional work for RTE to which his golden handcuffs deal commits him.
He consents to being an admiring observer but not a peeping Tom.
The other issue with regard to planning is the issue of the lengthy and abundant jurisdictional judgments and decisions about various aspects of planning and consents.
Generally, if the noncustodial biological parent consents, stepparents may adopt the children.
The necessary consents and funding were obtained, and work began in 2002 on a new multipurpose arts centre on the Cardiff Bay site.
Medicaid waiver forms and hardship waiver consents should be prepared and included in the admission packet.
In January 2015 the Scottish Government placed a moratorium on granting consents for unconventional oil and gas extraction.
Alisdair consents, and agrees to his further request to receive lessons from Ada, oblivious to his attraction to her.
He is under a sacred obligation with regard to all that he consents to spend.
All consents previously delivered and not revoked will be of no effect, and the indenture governing the Notes will remain in its present form, unamended.
It does this through the issue of formal consents to discharge or, in the case of large, complex or potentially damaging industries by means of a permit.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She consents on condition that they should not pry into her life, that they should not soil and besmirch her innermost being.
In the Welsh legends the maid consents to wed her capturer, and remain with him until he strikes her with iron.
If it happens that any folk are down from the uptown hotels, Peter Pan consents to sell a ukulele between his encores.
Being rebuked by Hector, he consents to engage Menelaus, and a treaty is arranged.
Worldly beyond his reputation, and somewhat Chesterfieldian in his principles, he consents to be a Roman while at Rome.
The practitioner may be unwilling to risk it, if the patient consents.
And so I am not to be surprized that Jane Fairfax accepts her civilities and consents to be with her.
The old lady relaxes, consents to the admission of the visitors as a favour, and dismisses Rosa.
If my father consents I will lead him to jacal built to receive him.
Edgar consents, altho it is utterly incomprehensible why he should do so.
Even society, in its most artificial state, consents to this arrangement.
And Good Deeds consents to go with him on the dread journey.
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