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You should never knowingly consent to your own interview or conversation being tape-recorded without making a tape of your own.
All women gave written informed consent to join the study, which had local and regional ethics approval.
The fact that President Chen appeared to give his tacit consent to such an action is doubly worrying.
All subjects agreed to anonymously donate blood and urine samples and gave written informed consent to participate in the study.
We consent to taxes that remove half of our earnings, plus GST and property taxes, welcome taxes and all sorts of government cash grabs.
Thus, it recently recognised the right for de facto spouses to consent to care for a partner who is unfit.
The donor must freely and willingly consent to the procedure having been given sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.
Counsel may also consent to a court order extending the coverage period, if necessary.
It should be noted that the landlord has no right to consent or withhold consent to the assignment itself.
The requirement for community consent to ordinances was affirmed, but delegated to the Common Council.
She refused to consent to being bound over and the justices committed her to prison pursuant to section 115 of the 1980 Act.
They have not ruled out the possibility that she was the victim of a so-called honour killing because she had refused to consent to a marriage.
I hereby declare that I consent to all of the following terms and conditions.
The betrothed and their parents struck hands ratifying their consent to marriage.
However, it will probably be rare for a patient's refusal to consent to care to constitute an intervening event breaking the chain of causation.
It seems that you will not be happy until you have seen signed and notarised copies of consent to model forms.
Eleven apparently healthy individuals gave informed consent to have a blood sample collected by venipuncture.
In summary, it is possible to suggest that the principles governing the validity of parental consent to research are as follows.
She would not be bounced into giving her consent to the controversial sports arena in west Dublin.
I should have the right to litigate the matter of consent to adoption freely, unfettered in any way by the Family Court or its decisions.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So he gave his consent to the match, and the two young people were married on Walburga's eve, on the last day of April.
Die I may, but I will never consent to degrade my office and turn aside the course of justice for the sake of filthy lucre.
For nabis did not dare to refuse the arrangements which he was asked to make, nor yet would he consent to make them.
Where fraud or duress is used in obtaining a party's consent to a contract, the contract is at least voidable.
I left Seville to seek my father and obtain his consent to a marriage with Beatriz.
The love of liberty is the corollary of the right of consent to government.
As her implied consent to his proposal was thus given without much thought, he, on his part, became bolder.
Here, it is probable that A may have conceived that he had Z's implied consent to use Z's books.
Against this there was the advantage of having obtained an implied consent to the renewal of my suit at some future date.
Washington received them courteously, but did not consent to countermand the march.
A glance at his watch accompanied Burnham's consent to spare a few minutes.
He had hoped that the queen consort might consent to be lady patroness of his project.
Nay, I will consent to act any villany against him, that may not sully the chariness of our honesty.
She could not consent to a compromise with the people, the merchandize, the odours of the city.
She looked about to the others as if asking their consent to tell the story.
If they would honour him once a year in a sun dance he would consent to heal their sick.
Blanka readily gave her consent to any plan that seemed best to her conductors.
I dare say my mother will consent to it, if I have my father's permission to go.
Giovanni averred himself ready to affirm on oath that no copula had ever followed, and he adhibited his consent to the divorce.
He was doubtful whether Mr. Edmund de Valera would consent to be a toparch under Danish suzerainty.
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