How to use concur with in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
What we were seeing was a manager behaving irregularly, what he was doing didn't concur with manager's work.
We do not concur with the opinions that have just been expressed by other parties in this Committee.
Individuals were summoned to advise the sovereign and they were under no obligation to concur with the opinions of others.
For the avoidance of doubt this communication is not to be taken that we accept or concur with your appointment.
While I don't agree with everything in Anderson's book, I do concur with her general overview and much of her critique.
We concur with their observations in respect of the installation of floor coverings on this contract, but would like to add the following.
We'd be interested to see whether our readers' views concur with our own so feel free to make use of the comment boxes.
I also concur with Chris's high assessment of this opinion piece on the Iraq war by arch-conservative poet Les Murray.
In Zambia, abortion is legal but four doctors and a woman's husband must concur with the woman's decision.
Jen stood still for a moment pondering whether or not she should concur with his impulsive decision.
While other acupuncturists concur with his opinion, some feel that the entire experience varies from patient to patient.
I concur with Voegeli and Hayward about the need to restrain the growth of government.
I concur with the frequently cited diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder.
I wasn't here when the decision to play a part was taken but I fully concur with it, because to do otherwise would be to cut off one's nose to spite one's face.
In short, we must be satisfied with Garza's brief summations which, on examination, often do not concur with the narratives.
If the public dissent from our views, we say that they ought to concur with us.
Examples from Classical Literature
That the land forces of France are well adapted to concur with their marine in conjunct expeditions of this nature.
Of course the disposition of the young people, bred together from their childhood, does not at first entirely concur with the parental arrangements.
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