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We have always said we're prepared to throw the book at the terrorists, because that's who we've got to concentrate upon.
As I concentrate harder, a waft of wind ruffles my hair and I sense divine inspiration.
Without tipping at the shoulders, concentrate on shifting your weight from one skate to the other between each waddle.
But you have to walk before you can run, and I have had to concentrate on brushing up the forward play.
He didn't want to get in more trouble, and just opened a book, trying to concentrate and read it silently.
I enjoy being among the French fans and actually having the time to be able to concentrate on the job in hand without any distractions.
Might search engines employing crawlers drop free listings altogether to concentrate on paid inclusion programs?
Their hypothesis is that watching excessive amounts of television reduces a person's ability to concentrate.
They will concentrate instead on farming their 1,900 acres of alfalfa, 1,600 acres of corn, and 1,400 acres of soybeans.
Klitschko was retiring from the ring to concentrate on politics, where he had a 0-3 record in bids to become mayor of Kiev.
Poets in this tradition are less likely to abominate the larger society than to ignore it altogether and to concentrate on a narrow range of personal and domestic subjects.
But I found it too hard to concentrate on a fledgling career as I was in a difficult relationship at the time, so I ended up just drifting around waitressing.
However, some of Holbein's other portraits of Steelyard merchants, for example that of Derich Born, concentrate on the naturalness of the face.
While in Germany, Holst reappraised his professional life, and in 1903 he decided to abandon orchestral playing to concentrate on composition.
He later coached Kuwait SC before leaving the game to concentrate on his business commitments.
There are many Traditional Irish bands playing throughout the city and quite a few music schools concentrate on teaching Traditional music.
Historians began to concentrate on the values, beliefs and behavior of the people at large.
In the subsequent conflict, the War of Austrian Succession, the Royal Navy was able to concentrate more on defending British ships.
Goebbels recommended that the remaining authors should concentrate on books themed on Germanic myths and the concept of blood and soil.
Stripped of its fighters, Luftflotte 3 would concentrate on the night bombing campaign.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A lamp upon the table, is so shaded as to concentrate the light and throws Caren's wicked face into sharp relief.
In some such way as vultures concentrate upon carrion, so news of the cashew sweets had passed through the jungle.
He poured over the blueprint again, striving to concentrate.
The narrowness serves to concentrate the strength and accelerate the work.
Skim latex, a byproduct of the highly ammoniated latex concentrate processing technique, is not easily recycled into new rubber products.
Deciding to concentrate on the half-hour children's broadcast market, they have since gone on to create such high quality shows as Babar, Tintin and Little Bear.
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