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The rest of the kitchen has a bank of waist-high units, which conceal a washing machine and dishwasher.
She took a leather strap and buckled it around my wrist, attaching the dagger to it, pulling the sleeve down to conceal the weapon.
Suits, skirts and silky lingerie both conceal and highlight the dark side of those who wear them.
Thus, a commando unit cannot use an ambulance in lieu of a jeep to conceal its activities.
From this perspective, Ovidian rhetoric works to conceal the very desire that organizes it.
If not, let's all hope that a rising stock market will not conceal the next wave of potential disasters.
Drawers and cabinets under the counter conceal legal-size files and office supply storage.
Rock seems uneasy carrying a semi-serious role, and can't conceal his natural urge to play every situation for laughs.
Yet her word-perfect, positivity-enhanced sound bites couldn't conceal a fundamental aloofness.
Shuttered cupboards across one wall provide ample storage while louvered doors at the back of the room conceal a kitchenette.
Such generalities conceal significant taxonomic heterogeneity at the kingdom level.
Or was it, as his rivals claim, merely window dressing designed to conceal as well as reveal?
The Act also covers persons who knowingly or wilfully destroy, deface or conceal from the Revenue any documents.
Her bruise wasn't completely gone, but with the help of make-up, she was able to conceal it.
But the point is that it is true, and the real question is the character of the candidate who tried to conceal his past.
Never splice wires together and conceal them within a wall without a junction box.
They can also be used to conceal and protect existing lamp cords, wires, or cables inside their channels, called raceways.
Vander's contradictory impulses, to conceal and to reveal are not exposed as a failing but revealed as inherent to speech.
And what about the robes that priests wear? They too are long, flowing and can be used to conceal such things.
His Jewishness, which he does not attempt to conceal, seems to stand in the way.
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Examples from Classical Literature
We do not pretend to conceal from you the fact that we are anxious to avoid all publicity, all scandal.
This Aida is beautiful, and Rhadames can scarce conceal the joy of her presence.
Stott chortled, and he put his hand behind him to conceal the brass knuckles he was wearing.
She wore a broad-leaved hat which did not wholly conceal her glorious hair.
Every Broken Hill might conceal some secret valley where subterranean heat produced a growth foreign to the more open regions.
He dashed the glass from him, and burst into tears which he did not even try to conceal.
When desire of news assailed her, she could easily conceal her personal resentments, cannily sacrificing small issues to great.
Did the basista conceal when Nicola was made a capo in the Honorable Society?
If old Cayce employed an awkward subterfuge to conceal the enterprise of the rescue, he had no occasion to intermeddle.
She invariably wore gloves out of doors and a veil to conceal the chatoyant eyes.
She had a wicked delight in the defeat of his strategy which she could cleverly conceal.
It portrays Swift in a priest's vestments that barely conceal a cloven hoof.
A thousand falsehoods are cluttered around the truth to conceal it from us.
Yet she combated well, and repressed the feelings which she could hardly conceal.
This is too well-known a truth for me to endeavor to conceal it, especially from you.
Burke winced, but he made shift to conceal his realization of the truth she had stated to him.
Envy would conceal herself under the shadow and shelter of contemptuousness, but she swells too huge for the den she creeps into.
In Andalusia they say that a contrabandist can conceal himself behind half a brick.
Her clothes conceal and reveal, artfully and contradictorily and endlessly.
To no end did Barrington exert himself to conceal or counteract this frigidity.
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