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Why, they might even switch to amiable, Texas-accented, 77-year-old Schieffer, the television equivalent of comfort food.
He never handed out anything stronger than allergy pills, but it was such a comfort having him close by.
It represented everything about the kind of comfort and the little luxuries in life that a good glass of Scotch can afford us.
It was just the right level of egalitarian comfort and locavorism that a post-crash populace needed.
I will be glad to hand this binder down to my niece and vouch for its comfort.
We can comfort ourselves with the thought that the worst is over.
Liberals either boast or comfort themselves that their own beliefs push humanity forward.
They want to take on authority and comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and all that hoo-ha.
He wanted to give a voice to the voiceless, comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.
It simultaneously reveals the absurdity of dictatorship and gives comfort to those languishing under an impossible reality.
Instead he offered no comfort to a broken-hearted kid who was receiving death threats.
We are being conditioned to believe that in exchange for a bargain, we just have no right to expect comfort in return.
Everything is meant to be utilitarian and efficient, at the expense of relaxation or comfort.
As an absolute monarchy there was comfort in an Arab world of other autocracies.
Household uses of electric motors reduced heavy labor in the home and made higher standards of convenience, comfort and safety possible.
Salvation Army pastoral care counsellors were on hand to comfort the emotional and spiritual needs of 277,000 individuals.
Ursula recorded that during air raids all three slept in the same room in adjacent beds, holding hands for comfort.
These buildings were also made for comfort of the readers and information seekers.
The aircraft flew from Toulouse with 474 Airbus employees on board, in a test of passenger facilities and comfort.
According to Boeing, in a joint study with Oklahoma State University, this will significantly improve passenger comfort.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There seemed a dim, treacherous comfort in the adverb, and he stayed with her.
It is some comfort to know that everything will not be blighted hereabouts.
Mrs. Robertson, weeping herself, sought to comfort her, but it seemed in vain.
But an aggregation of comfort is not distasteful like an aggregation of the reverse.
Then in their not infrequent sickness there was alleviation and comfort waiting for them.
Meanwhile he and Julian Wemyss had added greatly to the comfort of the bothy.
Where was the beautiful friendship that had been the comfort, the prop of her bereaved life?
In that moment he needed desperately something to which he could appeal for comfort.
Mr. McClosky, apparently tracing out a pattern on the bedquilt, essayed words of comfort.
I should never have comfort but in his absence, or when I was quarreling with him.
He blamed himself so much, that, instead of accusing, I began to comfort him.
He understood her attentiveness to his comfort when she touched his arm and begged a word with him.
Her first duty was clearly to administer to his comfort, and that was precisely what she would do.
He had bought for himself out of all the wealth streaming through his fingers neither adulation nor love, neither splendour nor comfort.
And, indeed, every means and appliance of bodily comfort was at hand.
It commands us to assist and comfort our neighbor in danger and want.
This Wii-U update has been tailored to western tastes, allowing up to four friends to bag beasties from the comfort of their sofas via wi-fi.
Jennings should be abandoned to the mercy of Marianne for all the comfort of her domestic hours.
Weston may grow cross from the wantonness of comfort, or his son may plague him.
When I have been vexed I run out to them for comfort, and when I have been angry without just cause, it is there that I find absolution.
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