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Also, a discussion of some of the newer organic materials included in plant media, e.g. coconut coir and compost, would be appropriate.
The timbers are jungle jackfruit, the lashings are coir rope, the walls are bamboo matting and roofs are local thatch.
Craftsmen use a stainless steel knife, with a sharp edge and triangular blade, to cut rough shapes in the coir.
More than 50 women are being trained in handicrafts using coir and plantain fibre.
Products from coir, coconut shells, sisal, jute and a variety of other items can be put to good use, he feels.
It's surprising that coir, the fibre extracted from the outer covering of the common coconut, could turn out to be such a valuable moneymaker.
All he had to do was paint the face white, stick bits of coir from a coconut for ears and a red beak-like nose of colour paper and presto!
Oxfam's Matara team has also helped workers previously employed in the coir and lace industries.
Instead of peat, some growers are starting to use coir as a potting mix component.
The EPCH also plans to include a complete product group of floor coverings made of natural fibres including coir, jute, cotton, silk and wool.
The compost, including the addition of coir can then be used to replace the peat normally used in a garden.
The husk, which contains useful fibre, known as coir, is not discarded but is set aside to produce, for example, coconut matting.
The workers in the conventional small industries sector such as coir and handloom face an uncertain future thanks to the globalisation policies.
The fortunes of the traditional coir yarn spinners, mat weavers and carpet-makers have been on the downtrend.
The floor could be cool polished or varnished wood, with natural fibre rugs or coverings in seagrass, sisal or coir to give warmth.
Stripped wood is still very much the in-thing for floors, along with natural seagrass or coir rugs and floor coverings.
But now, Sabu often works in the same place with simple materials such as plaster of Paris, coir fibre and gunny cloth, things that charm him forever.
Similarly, we will take all effective measures possible for the rejuvenation of our traditional industries such as coir, cashew, handloom, fisheries, khadi and so on.
A little amount of work for their hands was given when they took copies of the inscriptions present in the museum with simple accessories like coir brush and ink dabber.
Other alternatives include carpets with natural fibres such as coir or rush matting, and natural flooring, as long as the woods used are free from chemical treatments.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A part of this is obtained from tropical America, but it is a regular export of British India, where it is known as coir.
We always carried with us a heavy turtle-net, made of coir fibre, which I had bought two years before in the tokelau Group.
If a small line could be got across from ship to ship, the end of it would be made fast to a coir hawser in the Monsoon.
They had put a coir warp ashore, and gave the barque a cant in the current, so as to bring the broadside to bear on the flagstaff.
Where else do we find a priestly fugitive slave, who held his sacred office by the coir na glaive, the Eight of Sword?
He holds aloft the coir string, under the lower end of which a cocoanut has been placed on the ground.
Sun-drying is done on cement or brick floors, on coir mats or trays, or on wooden platforms.
There are several cots, some made of coir, and others of wooden planks.
Manilla, coir, and some other ropes, do not require tarring.
Once a week Deesa led Moti Guj down to the river, and Moti Gui lay on his side luxuriously in the shallows, while Deesa went over him with a coir swab and a brick.
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