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We started off our meal with the fried green tomatoes, corn on the cobb, roasted corn and Parmesan risotto fritters.
Green Party candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik have sought a recount of the votes in Ohio.
Known as a 'Ty Cobb wannabe' for his flashing spikes and surly manner, this slugger always swings for the fences.
When Johnson refused to restore Cobb, the players sat out the next game, in Philadelphia.
Miraculously, Cobb survived a torn aorta, torn diaphragm, collapsed left lung and kidney failure.
Mr Cobb was told that three-year-old Jenny had broken a joint in her right back leg, which had mended but not been set properly, and as a result she had a limp.
More recently, we have the eccentric cameos of Richard Cobb and causeries of A.J.P. Taylor, of which he said they were evidence that he had run out of historical subjects.
Cobb ultimately met and married Scrubs star Donald Faison, and now finds herself walking red carpets as his Mrs.
When not cycling, Cobb still practices optometry, but also is president of Bluestem Corporation, an Internet marketing group, and maintains a busy public-speaking schedule.
Cobb County, a suburban area that sits adjacent to the city and shares some its infrastructure, is 66 percent white.
Coburn is also off camera for thuddingly lengthy stretches of the picture, while Cobb and the gaggle of actresses run about doing pointless bits of business.
Sidney Lumet's unforgettable film starring Henry Fonda and Lee J. Cobb is a celluloid classic, a whodunit in which we never see the crime, the victim or the accused.
Before working at Fox, Smith dabbled in acting, playing tiny roles in the movies, Swingin' in the Painter's Room, Cobb, and glitz.
And this video went so viral that Ellen DeGeneres invited Cobb for a special visit to The Ellen Show.
Cobb and Langenbeck periosteal elevators that have been modified into both chisel tip and spoon tip myotomes can be helpful for enucleation.
She hires childhood sweetheart Andy Cobb to oversee repairs while encouraging lustful glances from celebrated thriller writer Nicholas Hardiment.
The Green Party candidate this year is David Cobb of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Lucy Cobb from Billingham is joining a group of unicyclists at today's Hadrian's Wall of Sound event.
Wanted in Canada for hate speech crimes, Cobb is one of the best-known figures in the white supremacist movement.
This includes successful 50-something thriller writer Nicholas Hardiment and handyman Andy Cobb, who used to be Tamara's boyfriend in his youth.
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By the way, are there any developments in the matter of the loan from Mr. Cobb?
This Cobb man is a tight-fisted old bachelor, they say, but his milk of human kindness may not be all skimmed.
Well, if there is a ghost in that room it'll have its hands full with sol Cobb.
The party then went down to the Cobb to look at the eider duck, and were very well satisfied with her appearance.
Miss Cobb shrugged her shoulders and took hold of a fresh wisp of hair with the curler.
Cobb took a tiny screwdriver and removed two screws from a metal plate in the bottom of the nose cone.
Is the fourth dimension of Cobb as a novelist or as an autobiographer?
The hostler hastened to do so, and Dr. Cobb looked keenly at nemo.
Cobb, who, it is needless to say, was distinctly of the old school in medicine.
It was the sketch she had written the day she fell through the roof of the Cobb duckhouse on the Tory Road.
Cobb, with the air of having visited all the cities of the earth and found them as naught.
In the early '90s, Cobb faced the need to reconduct much of the buried cable that had been placed in the ground 20 years before.
Mr. Cobb replaced his spectacles and stared through them at his visitor.
Cobb had been looking for this question all the evening and dreading some allusion to her favorite as gifted in prayer.
Cobb, tacitly and quietly, but none the less surely, though the reproof was dealt with one glance, quickly sent and as quickly withdrawn.
As she drove away she saw Mr. Cobb peering at her through the window.
Mr. Cobb swung about in his own chair, so that his face was in the shadow.
The joke was wasted, as all jokes seemed to be upon Mr. Cobb.
And on one of these rambles down swooped Constable Cobb, the village policeman, pointing out that, contrary to regulations, the puppy had no collar.
Cobb guessed nothing of these harassing details of travel, his business being to carry people to their destinations, not, necessarily, to make them comfortable on the way.
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