How to use clouted in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word clouted? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Coldly he clouted her and she crumpled, and Shawn barely caught her before she hit the ground.
He'd spent his life being clouted by Dudley and bullied by his aunt and uncle.
The home team, hugely superior, clouted in four goals and then eased up to charitably allow their opponents one.
On the program was a comedy duo that exchanged jests and japes and clouted one another upon the head with Indian clubs.
He balled up his fist and clouted his companion right on the side of the head, felling him like a stunned ox.
In the time that it took for Eric to register his astonishment, the staff clouted the side of his head and sent him sprawling.
Whether he got clouted in the face more often after crossing the path of a black cat or breaking a mirror is what puts superstition to the test.
He tried to stand in front of her but was clouted on the head so hard that he went unconscious temporarily.
She drew her sword one-handed and clouted my side with a strong back-hand blow.
Crawford shrugged him off and then clouted the ball from 30 yards with his other foot this time, the right one.
His shot was so venomous and expertly delivered that he did not even move as the ball sped over him, flattened and clouted the netting.
The horse, who would have won even more convincingly that day had he not clouted the final fence, looks capable of following-up in similar company tomorrow.
I smiled, then abruptly frowned and clouted him lightly over the head.
He caught me off guard and clouted me in the side of the face.
As big as me. Strong, too. I was itching to go him, And he had clouted Ernie.
Examples from Classical Literature
Uncle William, a hasty, robust man, had clouted Willie Logon's head for him and sent him home howling.
There was nobody but a lass to attend to us, and she gave us bread and cheese, and clouted cream and plum jam.
But now, sir, the clouted shoe of the peasant galls the kibe of the courtier.
At the same time, Tallis stepped from behind the door and clouted the other.
He lost his temper a bit and put down his gun and clouted her head for her.
But with his free hand, Odal clouted Hector on the side of the head and knocked him on his back.
Grey Beaver clouted him right and left to make him get up and follow.
They had on their batting clothes and clouted the ball lustily.
One of the mahouts reached forward and clouted Rajah on the knee.
But the indiscretion was interrupted by Maguire himself, whose dreadful fist became a hand that gripped mine with brute fervor, while with the other he clouted me on the back.
He had seen, spread on the neighboring heath, the human remains which had stained with clouted blood the scattered stones among the flowering broom.
Next, he was clouted by the black's free hand with such force as to tear his clenched teeth down the fingers through skin and flesh until the fingers went clear.
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