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The trial judge held the defendants liable for failing to close down that part of the factory.
Prudie is printing your letter as representative of the tons of suggestions that came in about how to close down talky seatmates on planes.
The second attempt was made by running in from the stern and passing close down the weather side.
The company he worked for decided to close down the lorry maintenance department and put the work out to contractors.
Many holiday resorts are practically deserted on the West coast and some hotels have been forced to close down because of lack of visitors.
Previous successful machinists and craftsmen close down their shops, some taking sales jobs at the new malls and restaurants.
But how many Manhattanites know that in areas throughout the country, businesses close down on the first day of hunting season?
Complete transection causes the artery to quickly retract and close down, and this promotes clotting of the blood.
On the outbreak of hostilities, diplomatic missions in enemy countries close down and the diplomats depart.
And it is well known that when algae proliferate, their toxic blooms can wipe out a region's aquaculture or close down its seafood restaurants.
On the back of this agitation, the new law entrenched police powers to close down brothels and punish soliciting.
They should be able to close down the lane with their length, making it tough for even the bullish Artest and Wells to find much room to operate.
He stars as a hard-as-nails pilot, who is hired to close down a remote oil rig in the Gobi Desert, to the obvious dislike of its crew.
But we soon learn that the cops have to close down the carnal cathouse because the publicity makes the police look lenient.
Like Pandora's box, once opened, it is going to be well nigh impossible to put back the troubles and close down the lid.
If they all close down because of competition from big hypermarkets five miles outside town, and you haven't got a car, what do you do?
Of the five terrestrial channels BBC 1 and ITV close down when it gets a bit late.
And they had to figure out what to name the file, before they could close down the computer and head out into the snow.
It is time to call its bluff and close down the entire trough by abolishing the Arts Council and all its works and pomps.
The employees of these circuses too will face a crisis situation once the businesses close down.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And now the tropical night began to close down and I made my way back to the sandpit.
Let go the halyards and haul on the downhaul, and the yard will be brought close down to the royal yard.
She drew an arm round my neck, and drew my head close down to hers as she sat in the chair.
If we close down Curriers Enterprises or Brandon Wood Farm you can imagine the reaction.
Onward through the dim wood they passed until the shadows of the quick coming Martian night commenced to close down upon them.
The cultivated ground, with its beautiful productions, interspersed with cottages, comes close down to the water's edge.
The director decided to close down Inbal as a dance company, and replace it with an ethnic center open to ail art forms.
I got in, and the boy shut the window close down, to keep out the cold.
It was on the beach, close down by the sea, that I found them.
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