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Way back in the early days of the last century it was chiselled into shape in Pairc Mor Wood or Garrdha Chill.
There are also a few huge boulders which were chiselled into cubic shapes centuries ago and now serve as surreal houses and stables.
The goatee has survived but the puppyish plumpness of his face has been replaced by chiselled planes.
The dome, built of chiselled, rectangular granite stones and 110 feet tall, stands as an imposing structure.
The river has chiselled the mountain face, making it resemble a lion's paw.
Gods, goddesses and animals made in rosewood are examples of chiselled beauty.
Some connoisseurs have exquisitely chiselled attardans, often inlaid with ivory and containing marvellously carved cut glass decanters.
A high nose, sculptured lips and a chiselled jaw completed the work of art.
Her perfectly chiselled face and perfectly sculptured nose and almond-shaped eyes, although in a stern look, exuded beauty at its best.
It was in that role that Howard chiselled out a reputation for being tough and uncompromising.
Reflected LED lighting gives the tail-lights an even red glow and defines the chiselled, chronographic shapes of the instruments.
The shadows on his face accentuated his chiselled cheekbones and chin, and his uncombed hair hung over his face.
Where land meets sea in the north, the power of the ocean has chiselled undercuts, caves and fissures into the limestone cliff.
With his strongly chiselled features, apart from their eyes and hair, the twins looked almost nothing alike.
The child's steely blue eyes, chiselled features and surprisingly strong screen presence will no doubt propel him to many future cinematic roles.
It is worth more than aerobicized buttocks and a set of chiselled pecs any day.
The aisles and nave of the church are connected by arches which are held up by 18 imposing stone pillars made from well chiselled limestone.
He's handsome, with chiselled good looks and hypnotic blue eyes that make Mel Gibson's pale by comparison.
After casting, the best plaquettes were usually chiselled and chased, and either finished with a patina or gilt.
Clark's puckish grin and chiselled cheekbones finally creep into view.
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Examples from Classical Literature
On the other are chiselled the arms of the family to whom the Tower belongs.
The chief one is the Mosque of salah Bey, with its marble decorations chiselled out by the hand of the slave of an olden time.
On this second one, only three could be cut that way, as the one on the back had to be chiselled.
Dr. Hedge's clear and chiselled statements cut all the jesses of our thoughts, and they rise unhooded into his still air.
A gold base deeply chiselled in wave-diaper and overrun with a paste of aubergine purple is the most pleasing.
The friable resolutions of the day are brought out again and recemented and chiselled anew.
Perhaps the hard rock was chiselled with tools of tempered copper.
His finely chiselled nostrils quivered, and some hidden nerve shook the scarlet of his lips and left them trembling.
John Abraham made use of his chiselled body to titillate the audience in Dostana as he naughtily slipped his shorts a bit.
The features were of the moulded rather than the chiselled type.
Morse looked at him with a face cold as chiselled marble and as hard.
The work may be chiselled either in a vertical or a horizontal position.
A more beautiful figure than hers even Skopas himself has not chiselled.
The walls, the floor, the roof were all chiselled as smooth as glass.
There is a legend that no mortal hand carved or chiselled it.
I have eyes that look like they were meant for a newt and the kind of chiselled features you would only get if your chisel was made out of unset jelly.
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