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Take off the cover to the chimes or bells and inspect the points that strike the chime or bell for dirt.
Cinnamon and allspice chime in a thin, sweet-sour broth that has something in common with sauerbraten or the darker moles.
Strangely, though, when you omit to fasten your seat belt the car lets out a single soft, sweet, sustained chime.
These are the words to Auld Lang Syne sung on Hogmanay when the bells chime and everyone crosses arms to sing in the new year.
I didn't see it, but from what I hear it's rather snazzy, and all the necessary bells and whistles chime and peep fairly quickly.
The two-year snipe hunt is over. Before the bloggers chime in, everybody should know this case ended because there was no evidence.
At some point the children chime in and finally a single soprano voice soars in counterpoint to the great roaring wave of harmony.
Late that evening, the doorbell's chime sounded throughout the still house.
It's a malevolent money noose that is tightening just as the festive season's bells and lights are beginning to chime and shine.
He heard bells chime in the distance, singing the hour, but he saw them as bells of freedom.
Hearing the clock upon an old building chime the hour of one in the morning, Alaina became more anxious.
Time passes again, the same clock hands spin madly, the same bells ring and the same chimes chime.
Opening the door of the carriage, William stepped out and pulled the cord of the bell chime, listening as the sound echoed through the house.
With the chime of the glockenspiel and the slow pull of the violin the band began and invited us to witness a cavalcade of sound and images.
The chime of metal on metal sounded, and Lanfilar opened his eyes to see a very encouraging sight.
A chime of bells, normally in a tower, played either from a keyboard or mechanically by a barrel or similar device.
Chris waited outside of Mrs. Schmidt's Contemporary Issues class as the last chime of the bell rang through the hall.
The cold morning breeze and a festive ambience, the chime of bells and melodious carols signal the arrival of Christmas.
Staring at the clock, Autumn waited the five seconds left before the bell would chime.
I'll have Rosalynn chime in on that right after we come back from the break.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And then the chime rang, with a metallic, sharp click and then a long and reverberant clanging.
A clock inside the hall began to chime midnight, and he turned on his heel.
They left two or three story papers and that chime thing when they went away.
Over all the jackdaws chime and chatter, for it is their home now, and they share it with the owl and the flittermouse.
Your uncle, or great-uncle Thomas, started a subscription for a chime of bells.
Horologes, to chime the hours, and even the quarters, uprise from tables of ebony-and-mother-of-pearl.
Bailey, who had risen at the chime of a clock, halted amazed.
The nodding heads of Allium bulgaricum, otherwise known as summer bells, chime perfectly with hostas and other broad-leaved plants in the border.
Up, up and up, the falcon flaps, Beyond the rooves, the riven sky, While windblown cans chime out below A death-knell.
When would the chime of the Christ-bell peal over land and sea?
Moreover, my occupations have been always made to chime in with the ordinary habitudes of my fellowmen.
Nor had I long to watch, for, at the first chime of the half hour, he appeared in the street.
He sung out like a singing-master, but I did not stop to chime in.
Three o'clock struck, and four, and the half-hour rang its double chime, but Dorian Gray did not stir.
Scrooge lay in this state until the chime had gone three-quarters more, when he remembered, on a sudden, that the Ghost hadwarned him of a visitation when the bell tolled one.
The cool waves' gentle plashing against the boat, and the sweet chime of the lily-bells, lulled little Eva to sleep, and when she woke it was in Fairy-Land.
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