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My fault for being such an eejit as to give a charlatan a fortune for dressed-up tripe.
This bumptious charlatan then presumes to lecture others on issues of morality and governance.
The director is a left nationalist, but he is neither a charlatan nor a hack.
Unless, of course, you want to be unmasked for the charlatan and scoundrel you are.
Take the case of the charlatan who claims to transmit thoughts at a distance.
I'm either a liar, a cheat, and a charlatan, or I'm crazy, and I have these weird visions that are purely from my imagination.
Whoever promises a quick and easy solution is either a fool, a charlatan or a demagogue.
If we do not expose him for a fraud and a charlatan we give him credibility.
That man was proclaimed a fool, a crook and a charlatan up and down the country.
He choked up while describing a little boy who had been deceived by a charlatan faith healer.
I'm a fake, a phony, a fraud, an impostor, and a charlatan of the worse degree.
Johnson offers only grudging admiration for Cezanne, and he flirts with the idea that Picasso was a charlatan.
I have recently taken the advice of a charlatan going by the name of Dr. Spinola.
Tired of bandying words with this charlatan, I allow my fury to seep into my eyes.
The trouble is that these days there's no way to tell a real saint from a charlatan.
He's a self-styled mystic, widely regarded as a charlatan, exploiting the bereaved for money.
A silver-tongued charmer with celluloid in his veins, he veers between boy-wonder genius and self-promoting charlatan.
He was, in fact, a charlatan, a mountebank, a zany without any shame or dignity.
Haven't I lost enough on this venture which will probably accomplish little more than branding me as a charlatan?
He had an infectious way of making a charlatan believable, a Lothario's wooing credible, a swindler's eventual revelation of a heart behind his billfold totally convincing.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Every charlatan who pretended to some new secret of soothsaying was welcomed by him.
He had the perfect gift of the charlatan, and he had discovered his metier.
Both disliked Home very much, and thought him an underbred Yankee quack and charlatan.
In his letters during this period, everyone who differs from him is denounced as a charlatan and a windbag.
Hugh could not help thinking there was more or less of the charlatan about the man.
Where is the difference, after all, between you and any charlatan of the lot?
This was no charlatan that spoke to him, but one in earnest who believed what he said.
The preface contains a sarcastic harangue in orthodox charlatan style on the merits of the new catholicon or Panacea.
If I were a mountebank or a charlatan I would claim that it cures a hundred diseases.
In some respects, the desktop manager is a practical outgrowth of its cousins, the ingratiatory or impression manager and the charlatan.
Surely nobody would be a charlatan who could afford to be sincere.
The charlatan, however, steadily refused the Bishop's advice.
By the way, he is a chattering charlatan, and his fiorin a mere humbug.
Henke first examines the career of Lodovico de' Bianchi, who played the charlatan doctor and greatly developed the comic possibilities of the type.
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