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The front of the card was pure white, but the writing inside was in blood red ink.
The sign-up form only explained that Wink was a free service that needed a credit card number for future purchases.
If your total remains below 21 you may ask for a fourth card to be twisted and then a fifth, in the same way.
If you have let debts mount up on an array of cards, the solution is to switch to a lower rate credit card.
As usual, aces are high and twos low, so the last card played will be either an ace or a two.
The card is aimed at fresh university graduates or those starting their first jobs.
But I didn't expect him to give me a rectangular box wrapped in silver paper with a card reading the name Keith.
Each player may check, bet, call, or raise as usual, staking the required amount for each card they hold.
I stood up and moseyed through the shops until I saw a little denim messenger bag and bought it with my credit card.
Players keep their tricks individually, and whoever takes the most card points loses.
A co-worker, who is a blood donor, received a card from the American Red Cross.
When I'm satisfied with my compositions, I begin adhering the pockets and card stock pages to the card stock signatures.
So I was surprised and moved to tears yesterday when he came home from school with a Mother's Day card for me.
Orchids are the second most popular flower and single blooms can be incorporated into a card to make a lovely presentation.
This card may be either a singleton or a top card or subsequently revealed card in a stack.
The fun-loving backstop once handed the card to umpire Larry Napp who erupted with laughter.
While we weren't terribly impressed with the overclockability of the card, the performance blew us away.
Credit card fraud attracts sinister people who use the money to fund criminal activity such as terrorism.
She found her bank card missing after the moustachioed stranger stopped to ask her for directions in a supermarket car park.
The yellow card came out of the blue and I do not believe there was any warning from the referee.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Juve drove to the music hall and, showing his card, questioned the officials.
If only they would let me go and leave my visiting card with Emperor William!
The orthography and pointing of the stops, are precisely as printed in the card.
He took a card from his wallet and laid the torn bit of pasteboard upon it.
Where the ball lies after the ninety-eighth, you plant the card with your name on it.
After tea and coffee had been carried round, a card table appeared, and vingt-et-un was proposed.
I received a postal card the other day from Clay, who is now a nonagenarian, in his armed castle in Kentucky.
And he showed his son the visiting card which he was still holding in his hand.
For example, at vingt-et-un, you will always know whether it is advisable to draw another card or not.
With a needleful of red worsted let the child sew upon this card three straight candles in stitches one inch long.
The verticality is ensured by seeing that the bead rests against the card without pressing.
Before him walks a servant, holding aloft his visiting card.
Do you stamp fiction and non-fiction on different parts of the same card?
Taking the card from his outstretched hand, Vernet read the address.
If a New Deal does not take place, the exposed card cannot be called.
Since the debit card is linked to your checking account, you could overdraw if you're not careful.
Proceed to read over the plant operating card with the user.
Encrypted on a magnetic tape strip on the back of the card will be the veteran's Social Security number, date of birth, and a control number.
At the same moment the servant appeared, and advanced to Julian, carrying a visiting card on his little silver tray.
In the prison I had some authority as to certain things and Giorgadjis would ask me for an extra visiting card for his family.
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