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Their faces were smeared in grease paint and watch caps covered their hair.
Most men covered their heads with flat wool caps or skullcaps or turbans in a variety of sizes and colours.
The brides looked resplendent in red shararas while the grooms were dressed in long Indian coats, and laced caps.
Custom weathervanes, fireplace grills, chimney caps and cupolas for gazebos and homes are commonly ordered from custom metal fabricators.
Aymara men in the Altiplano region wear long cotton trousers and woolen caps with ear flaps.
Diamante headbands and Juliet caps are generally used to hold the wedding veil in place.
But in field after field, paper journals are becoming like academic caps and gowns, a purely ceremonial relict of an obsolete culture.
He looked like a right wally and I suggest that baseball caps be banned from all chess tournaments as being inappropriate dress.
About 20 players performed drills with singular enthusiasm and varying attire, including soccer shirts and baseball caps worn backwards.
They revealed their veteran status by accessorising tuxedos and bow ties with sturdy cargo pants, wellies and baseball caps.
Snow will often accumulate and can eventually compact to form glaciers and ice caps.
Officers have the quatrefoil on their service caps, and all wear the bronze 1868 globe and anchor and khaki shirts with neckties.
The most extreme type of katabatic wind is found in the Antarctic where cold gusts of wind surge across the polar ice caps.
There are caps, a raincoat, a water-proof jacket, an umbrella and a medium weight jerkin, all kept in his care.
I'm guessing he didn't spend it on handguns or blasting caps, maybe just a few drinks on the house.
Men wore hats or caps, a kirtle or knee-length coat, shirt, waistcoat, trousers, woolen stockings, and shoes or high boots.
He has appealed for the return of his England caps, stolen during a raid on his family home.
Most North American cities will flood and sink when the polar ice caps melt and raise ocean levels.
While not commonly known by name, the lagerphone is a traditional bush percussion instrument made from a large stick and bottle caps.
Outside the grand clubhouse, you almost expect chaps to be wandering around in plus-fours and flat caps.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The brace of helmsmen, doffing their caps, gave place to the king and his companion.
The abaci are all square in plan, and both bases and caps are set at right angles to the direction of the arches they support.
These men had the red stars on their astrakhan caps and red triangles on their sleeves.
I should like you to have about four black widow's caps, just such as I had made in the fall in New York, sent to me.
But their caps were washed up on the shore, and worn ever since by the Women of carn Trewoofa.
Is it the sight of their little white caps that so distracts the celebrant?
From the ceiling of hub caps, he selected a small cap from an old chevy truck.
The present ciborium was put up in 1277 by Bishop Otho, using the old columns and caps.
Traps should be provided with cleanout screw openings, caps, etc., to facilitate cleaning.
There is a very extensive manufactory of red woollen caps at Fas, the contexture of which is well deserving investigation.
The ciborium has cipollino columns, antique caps, pointed arches, and Venetian dentil enrichments with marble inlays.
The force of the wind was expected to detonate the explosives by driving a movable board against percussion caps.
Both had dark faces, set off by cloth caps, which were drawn down aslant over their brows.
At that moment two men passed, in brown velveteens, enormous trousers, and basque caps.
The cowboys had on Tam O'Shanter caps and wore not describable togs.
It was a quarter well stocked with deformed, leering, unkempt and uncombed idiots, who held out hands or caps and begged piteously.
Such was the Sonray country, with its villages topped with roofs turned over like Armenian caps.
The 500C America will be offered in white with a red top, with belt line stickers in blue and red, and the centre caps have a blue ring.
Their women all in simple black, with white caps and shawls of faded tints folded triangularly on the back, strolled lightly by their side.
Especially in Bohemia, where many of its daughters set their caps for him.
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