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Sentence Examples
He indicates some of the stresses in the manuscript sources of the poem and marks the caesura or pause in each line.
In Baker's opinion, which he verifies in a circular and self-fulfilling fashion, early Anglo-Norman saints' lives observed the caesura strictly.
The sapphic stanza, which Sappho uses and may have invented, has a strong caesura, as do her other lines.
As in life so in poetry, there's need for space, caesura the moment that brings forth brief befogged epiphanies.
He appears to be aping the Latin caesura without understanding its structural purpose.
Do you think there was anything similar to the Classical Latin caesura?
The lighter ink expresses a caesura in the text while the darker ink shows a terminal punctuation.
Old English poetry, like other Old Germanic alliterative verse, is also commonly marked by the caesura or pause.
In addition to setting pace for the line, the caesura also grouped each line into two couplets.
There must be at least one of the alliterating sounds on each side of the caesura.
There is no braking midline caesura, nor is there Pope's massy orotundity.
The Interregnum put a stop, or at least a caesura, to these lines of influence and allowed a seemingly fresh start for all forms of literature after the Restoration.
It is a decasyllable line, probably borrowed from French and Italian forms, with riding rhyme and, occasionally, a caesura in the middle of a line.
Examples from Classical Literature
Such verses, however, may also be looked upon as instances of the omission of anacrusis combined with epic caesura.
These different kinds of caesura strictly correspond to their French models.
For this reason it also occurs more frequently than the other kinds of caesura in the Modern English four-beat line.
Unaccented extra syllables are found also before a caesura or at the end of the line.
The septenary line, however, in its strict form admits only of monosyllabic caesura and disyllabic ending.
Further, the caesura, where it occurs at all, may be masculine as well as feminine.
This caesura, like the end of the line, may be either masculine or feminine.
The caesura is an important, though not essential, element in Spanish verse.
Longer parts of a sentence may be separated both by the caesura and the pause at the end of the line.
I had no idea of caesura, my gestures destroyed its harmony, etc., etc.
While the Second World War once loomed as a hard caesura in twentieth-century musical life, two recent books reveal the wartime years as anything but silent.
Even when I was a boy at school a lot of time was spent studying dactyls, spondees iambs, meter, scansion, caesura and enjambement in more language than English.
It was in some hundreds of verses, which I did my best to balance as Pope did, with a caesura falling in the middle of the line, and a neat antithesis at the end.
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