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Not as warm as Los Angeles, it also lacks the cachet, fashionable coastlines and morbidly appealing plasticity of its downstate counterpart.
Since the band's cultural rehabilitation, however, hasn't it acquired a certain cachet?
It is presumably their archaic method of manufacture which give them a cachet and makes them a suitable present for foreign friends.
Pregnant women look sexier than their svelte counterparts, and prenatal yoga beats ashtanga in cachet.
Stories of an encounter with the early Lincoln bestowed a special cachet, as if one had rubbed shoulders with a rusticated, prairie Solomon.
Nor do Shaolin's American adherents seem bothered by Yan Ming's celebrity cachet.
Every moneybags who invests in a publication becomes a more fascinating person overnight, acquiring cachet beyond their millions.
Paolini's back story, as the home-schooled boy wonder who makes it big, had an irresistible cachet.
While brand-name firms carry some cachet, it's seldom worth the added cost.
There are, or so I read, those who claim that a journalist writing a weblog adds a certain respectability and cachet to the medium.
I think I have enough cachet, if I don't squander it, where I can keep working.
Top academics are still be respected but no cachet is attached to the level of gaining a degree in any arts subject.
The cachet on this cover, featuring a battleship with cage masts firing a broadside is a Stinemetts design.
The historian's pose dissociates the author from all the observations he lets fall save those sealed with a personal cachet.
For its action as a febrifuge, doses of 6 decigrams are administered in a cachet or suspended in water.
Rather, they adopt the theories because in certain circles those theories have a certain fashionable cachet, as signs of deep and power-structure-subversive understanding.
Music is becoming so readily available nowadays, with the rise of the internet, MP3 players etc, so for music aficionados there is real cachet in owning original vinyl.
The latter are so unconcerned they barely market, or even edit, and as a result have so little money or cachet that they attract only the dull-witted to put ink on paper.
Any item that comes from a chiller cabinet, as opposed to a freezer, tin or packet, has an instant cachet, an aura of freshness and superiority about it.
Indeed, I would argue that it has already happened to some degree, as student loans have democratized the college degree and worn off some of its cachet.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He had effected his escape none too soon, for the very next day, a lettre de cachet for his arrest was issued.
My dear, you know you are beautiful, and you have the cachet that all the Courthornes wear.
Raffles bestowed the cachet of his smile on my description of his motley plate.
A raven hopping about the casks gives a je ne sais quoi, a cachet, to the premises.
He would not grant me the lettre de cachet nor keep his promise for her removal.
When Louvois had finished writing, Courtin, with some emotion, asked him what that lettre de cachet was?
There was no difficulty in obtaining this lettre de cachet, and the poor wretch was arrested and taken to the Bastille.
It gave him a sort of cachet to be seen staying with Kit alone at a watering-place.
It has a cachet concerning which there can be no possible error.
He got a lettre de cachet in the name of that unhappy Quonion.
He offered me her life while he refused me a lettre de cachet!
I was astonished, indeed, when I received the lettre de cachet.
L'idee est de sceller les divers sites par des coups de pinceaux a meme de valoriser le cachet patrimonial et de notifier la dimension esthetique au sein du vecu quotidien.
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