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No, I do not support cabotage, because cabotage adds a cost to users of ships, and it makes them less competitive.
There are also words like cabotage, lamprophony, and gelid that are used so rarely you can live your life without ever hearing them.
The Green Party has been supporting the unions in terms of getting cabotage, where local freight is carried by local carriers.
This state of affairs arises from a little known regulation called cabotage or the provision of commercial domestic air services within a country.
In International Law, cabotage is identified with coasting-trade so that it means navigating and trading along the coast between the ports thereof.
A clear majority felt that modified sixth freedom and tag-end cabotage would benefit travelers and airlines over time, with tag-end cabotage identified as more beneficial.
The ships are leased out to a different, domestic operator because of United States cabotage law.
One notable exception is the European Union, whose Member States all grant cabotage rights to each other.
Evolved from fishing ships designs, they were the first that could leave the coastal cabotage navigation and sail safely on the open Atlantic.
The split between national, international, cross-trade and cabotage is also included.
Reciprocal cabotage rights exist by treaty between New Zealand and Brunei and between the People's Republic of China and Albania.
Carriers licensed under EU law are permitted to engage in cabotage in any EU member state, with some limitations.
Alianca cabotage services extend our services to additional Mercosur-region ports.
European sailing had been primarily close to land cabotage, guided by portolan charts.
Such services are currently considered to constitute cabotage and are not permitted.
Most countries do not permit aviation cabotage, and there are strict sanctions against it, for reasons of economic protectionism, national security, or public safety.
Cabotage originally meant simply coasting trade, from the French caboter, to travel by the coast.
Cabotage rights are the right of a company from one country to trade in another country.
Examples from Classical Literature
And navigation, cabotage excepted, must be open to merchantmen of all nations, but foreign men-of-war need not be admitted.
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