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Sentence Examples
I followed the path as if by instinct and along the trail to my former summer residence.
As if by instinct, he retreats to the woodshed, a quiet and private place where he sometimes goes just to sit and think.
He seemed to know the labyrinth by instinct, only bothering with a lamp when the others began to stumble in the dusk.
I'm used to working with Renu who arrives at a rhythm by instinct, whose first cut is better than most editors' last cut.
Politicians do this by instinct, particularly when the behaviour they desired is a positive mandate or vote for themselves.
Do make it clear that generalship, at least in my case, came not by instinct, unsought, but by understanding, hard study and brain-concentration.
The Mongols may have imbibed ideas about manoeuvre warfare from captive Chinese, but it is more likely they did it by instinct.
It was in this climate that in 1952 Kinji Imanishi, the father of Japanese primatology, wrote a book that criticized the view of animals as automatons driven by instinct.
But it's always been the one room in the house I avoid by instinct.
Never having seen or heard a peacock, she unhesitatingly circled the ad, seized, as if by instinct, and passed it to her mother.
I now by instinct followed the streets that took me waterward, for there, doubtless, were the cheapest, if not the cheeriest inns.
The qulis guided us by instinct, stumbling on through alternating blackness and evilly glaring light.
He drifted through the room, avoiding the furniture by instinct, closed the door that led to the passage, and only then flicked on his flashlight.
Examples from Classical Literature
Staring at the map of Middle America, his finger again and again paused, as though by instinct, on Nicaragua.
The material they had to work upon was already democratical by instinct and habitude.
When they started the actions of the dog showed Hare that Wolf was not tracking a back-trail, but travelling by instinct.
For all their burden of intoxication, they knew the ground by instinct and from long association.
They sat a buckjumper as a child sits a swing, and seemed to be horsemasters as it were by instinct.
Nevertheless they took the path as if by instinct, that led down into the hazel-copse that overlooked the wimpling Don.
She seemed to possess by instinct all the household wisdom that his long apprenticeship had not instilled in him.
The Negrito is by instinct, habits, and of necessity a hunter.
There were things enough, taking one with another, to chatter about, if one went very fast and knew by instinct when to go round.
Ila was very young, but she belonged by instinct to his own world.
That shot of yours, whether by instinct or intention, of the hawk and the pigeon was peculiarly apposite.
She lent herself to immemorial human attitudes which we recognize by instinct as universal and true.
The instant this unwelcome sight caught the eye of the scout, his rifle was leveled as by instinct, but the barrel gave no answer to the bright sparks of the flint.
By instinct, I suppose, I drifted towards my ante bellum quarters.
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