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She threw her hand to her nose in disgust as her peers burst out into a jovial laughter.
Madeleine burst out laughing at my grumpy expression and threw one of her pillows at me.
He has, apparently burst out of a burning building, from a fire he set himself.
The next morning, he knocked on her door, just as she burst out of it, followed by a train of servants carrying cases and valises.
The children burst out laughing when she mocked the way some people took food, comparing it to the cows chewing its cud.
The sun suddenly sinks, and the mopokes burst out into horrible peels of semi human laughter.
What we had done was smash our fists down on a blob of mercury and it had burst out into many droplets.
The water skin filled, quickly, and out of the top a stream of water burst out.
I forever cringe at the fake Tennessee accents that somehow burst out of small-town Alberta.
His faced flushed with anger as the class burst out into snickers and full-fledged guffaws, but he remained steady.
All of a sudden across the clearing the other band burst out from between the trees in a dusting of leaves and pine needles.
We burst out of the car, just as the bus came up behind us, and said our quick goodbyes.
If at all he became angry, he would keep quiet rather than burst out in a fit of temper.
Belgian duo Patrick and Steve Hoody continue Ruff Dog's burst out of the starting blocks with this zippy electronic burbler.
I just sighed heavily and bit my lower lip nervously trying not to burst out my emotions in front of him.
Jeffery's limbs became longer, and stronger, and he soon burst out of his restraints.
Seeing the overwhelming emotion just waiting to burst out, Laurel set a hand on her niece's shoulder and hoisted her into a seat once again.
A silver-haired man, older than most in the crowd, burst out of the line to confront him.
My sister was standing at the sink attacking our mountain of dirty dishes when she suddenly burst out laughing.
I was watching Predator on telly last night, and burst out laughing about halfway through.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Her people are an excitable, flaming people who may burst out in a spasmodic revulsion against their commercialization.
Holding a baby in her arms, she burst out of the ring of men who had cordoned off the beheading.
Jim saw the black smoke masses whirl through the jagged hole in the Dome's wall as the air burst out in a cyclonic gust.
As soon as she got to Makkah, she threw herself at Aminah's feet and burst out supplicating as she kissed them.
His companions laughed merrily, and burst out into a scurrile song in ridicule of St. Trochu.
The strident strains of the Washington Post burst out on the air, urging the cheerers to even greater efforts.
One of the Gurkhas bent down, sliced off some of the cloth with his kukri, and burst out laughing.
At his entrance, however, there burst out a cheer and cries of welcome.
She burst out into a fit of laughter at my duteous principles.
A deadly sickness came over him at the sight, and sitting down by the wayside he burst out weeping, with his nerves all in a jangle.
I'll try not to, but I'm always possessed to burst out with some particularly blunt speech or revolutionary sentiment before her.
She was standing a few feet from a young apple-tree and the robin had flown on to one of its branches and had burst out into a scrap of a song.
But he had scarcely turned his head when a fusillade burst out.
We burst out again among rocks, and saw the quarry ahead running lightly on all-fours and snarling at us over his shoulder.
Terry stared at her with her big blue eyes, and then burst out laughing.
And she had struck him, and had thrown him off with the fury of a wild cat, and had burst out of the room.
Sir Nigel pondered for a few moments, and then burst out a-laughing.
The gentlemen looked at each other, and Max burst out into a merry laugh.
I had suffered so much that I burst out into delicious laughter and sobs.
He was sitting in his big arm-chair, and he burst out laughing.
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