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I'd feel better, though, if the city's burghers had shown some concern about the defacing and trashing that define this city every day.
It had a lively artistic community and its wealthy burghers, together with the Church and the court at Brussels, provided patrons.
It is strange that brothel-scenes were so popular among the God-fearing Dutch burghers.
In 1380 he helped to quell a revolt by the Flemish burghers against the count, which ended in 1382 with the massacre of 26,000 Flemings.
But why, you may ask, has this apparently trivial factoid ruffled the feathers of the good burghers of Oslo?
The burghers of Lucern were rich but, in those days, the chasm between the rich and the poor was enormous.
They were full burghers of the Transvaal, and as burghers it was their first duty to defend the republic.
These works were initially commissioned by members of the church, noblemen, and wealthy burghers.
At the Battle of Courtrai in 1302, the French army was disastrously defeated by Flemish burghers.
The burghers of the town had been caught napping during the committee stages of the Bill.
In Ayr and environs, from whence the Bard hailed, the poor burghers eat nothing but haggis and neeps marinated in whisky for months on end.
The company soon abandoned the plan, however, and in 1640 opened the colony to vrij burghers, promising two hundred acres for each head of household.
The local burghers were not the least bit delighted or impressed at this assumption, and the unenlightened portrayal of our quaint and historic village.
The burghers who died while serving with the National Scouts and the Orange River Colony volunteers who lost their lives while serving with the British.
These men became free burghers or citizens who had gained their release from their contracts with the VOC by taking up plots of land and by entering into a burgher militia.
The good burghers of the Ayrshire town fancy themselves as an erudite bunch and in the club's round-up page in their matchday magazine showed this is no idle boast.
Just ask the burghers of a certain age who are debarking from their vast, shiny cars at the door to the new O'Rourke's Steakhouse on Montrose Boulevard.
There was also the development of private tuition in the families of lords and wealthy burghers.
Peasants and burghers, however brave, are unable to stand their ground against veteran soldiers.
Voting was limited to officials, property owners, leaseholders and burghers of incorporated towns.
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Examples from Classical Literature
That taking of prises, by the way, was a standing cause of quarrel between the burghers of Hull and Beverley.
Their reports were to the effect that 2,000 burghers had risen in the Cape Colony.
But for these infirmities these men would have been on commando with their brother burghers.
The credenza goes on working, and the Gran Consiglio represents the body of privileged burghers.
That this would have been meat enough to feed a whole party of German burghers, saute aux yeux.
Taking 'em up to Pretoria on the quiet, to sell 'em to oom Paul's burghers, he was.
What is now the mood prevailing amongst the burghers of the Orange Free State?
This was what he did when he wrote to the burghers of Herford in Westphalia.
Salicetti was too prominent a partizan to be overlooked by the angry burghers.
The majority of the burghers had already crossed and fled, whilst the remainder hurried back with a pom-pom and the other carts.
Our burghers were now once more in possession of 100 fresh horses and saddles, whilst their pom-pom was replaced by a Colt-Maxim.
Four burghers came to escort him out, and they have off-saddled while the predikant is inspanning.
The tocsin therefore was sounded and the hosts of guildsmen and burghers marched out to attack the enemy.
The day following I received a heliographic message from these burghers, who were now on the other side of the line.
But the burghers who were in the vicinity of the kop were not of this opinion.
I sent some burghers in advance to see what was happening to the Pretoria laager.
The burghers who followed the half-clad officials were fully dressed but they, too, were barefoot and ungirdled.
The green lea was speckled as thickly with them as a canvas by Van Alsloot or Sallaert with burghers.
The burghers of ambon show more of the Dutch element in their composition.
The burghers were hard pressed by the enemy, and many were unmounted.
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