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More numerous than the gentry-become-townsmen were the burgesses who fraternised with the gentry.
This created a form of town council, made up of aldermen and chief burgesses, headed by a high bailiff.
Try as she might, she could not persuade the knights and burgesses of the Commons to leave such royal matters to her.
This new borough was also endowed with land, the income from which was used to pay the salaries of two burgesses at parliament.
In the 15th century the Yelde Hall was erected and used by the bailiffs and burgesses of the town as a council chamber.
Bacon won election to the burgesses, Virginia's upper house, but was arrested when he tried to take his seat.
The burgesses, however, refused to enclose the surrounding open fields, and overcrowding became desperate.
There were 276 burgesses in 1086 under the direct lordship of the king, and about 450 households in all within the borough's boundaries.
It appears that the burgesses as a group were responsible for payment of the Domesday custom and for later tallages and aids.
For a modest rent, the holders of these burgages, the burgesses, became free men, and were released from any feudal services to an overlord.
Although it gave no additional powers, it did change the title of inhabitants from burgesses to citizens.
But now it had been crushed by the knights of the shires and burgesses in Parliament assembled.
When he ran for the House of burgesses in 1755, the father of our nation got a measly 40 votes.
Those of Maldon, it is stated in the sixteenth century recension of the custumal, were customarily made by bailiffs, burgesses, freemen, and commonalty.
At Lynn in 1340 John de Swerdestone and Adam de Walsoken were elected collectors of the wool custom by the mayor and burgesses, as specified by the king.
In March 1340 he travelled to London on community business, to show proof to the city authorities that Lynn burgesses were exempt from murage exactions there.
We are glad to see that Evesham Town Council is making an effort to obtain concessions from the railway companies which, if granted, will be of great benefit to the burgesses.
In 1279, 255 burgesses are recorded holding 314 tenements, which included lands newly assarted.
The resulting parliament included barons, clergy, knights, and burgesses for the first time.
The archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls and barons were summoned, as were two knights from each shire and two burgesses from each borough.
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If any one happen to fall into my amercement he may be reasonably fined by my bailiff and the faithful burgesses of the court.
Whereupon it was resolved by the Assembly that his burgesses should have no admittance.
The house of burgesses appointed him a member of the committee of correspondence.
If William seize London, that treasury is his, with all the wealth of our burgesses.
But Governor and Council and the majority of the burgesses will have none of that.
The trait to which we allude we shall call the tenurial heterogeneity of the burgesses.
The bailiff was to be chosen every year in the moot hall and to be assisted by fourteen principal burgesses and a recorder.
A unique feature was the provision that the burgesses had the power of vetoing any objectionable acts of the company.
As to the back-country settlements, the House of burgesses should have provided for them.
If he had been one of the burgesses his name would have appeared with the others.
It enacts two knights for the county, and two burgesses for the city.
The mediaeval burgesses and the small peasant proprietors were the precursors of the modern bourgeoisie.
Similarly, burgesses usually had farmland outside the borough.
We had only to ask what burgesses were, and whether they grew on trees.
The burgesses drilled and exercised in the presence of the governor.
There are rogues and knaves here, friars and priests, barons and burgesses, bakers and butchers, tailors and tanners, masons and miners, and folk of many other crafts.
From these burgesses the first elements of the bourgeoisie were developed.
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