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Sentence Examples
Nothing, it seems, will budge them from their opposition to give-and-take of governance.
The Democratic presidential administration refuses to budge, and the government is shut down.
Mr Budge said he would overcome the geological problems with so-called retreat mining, a technique successfully pioneered at Selby.
But industry sources claimed there was conflict between chief executive Mr Budge and other directors and non-executives about investment plans.
Fast, intelligent and a great tackler, he will be no walkover, even for players as good as Olivier Magne, Budge Pountney and Neil Back.
No amount of cajoling or retraining could coax him to budge.
We sat in the car for about ten minutes watching that strange magnesiumlike glow. It did not budge.
Mark does not seem to be suffering from any inner conflict, in that he is rock hard and will not budge from this position.
Absolutizing the historic succession of the episcopate had placed the church in an intransigent position from which it would not budge.
The administration refused to budge on calling a spade a spade.
Upbeat Scotland coach Ian McGeechan and skipper Budge Pountney last night denied that their side had made heavy weather of beating the Samoans in the Murrayfield rain.
The coaching role was passed onto the former first team mates Budge Pountney and Paul Grayson to tide the team over.
By the latter half of the 1950s and 1960s, Budge and others had added Pancho Gonzales and Lew Hoad to the list of contenders.
I stuck my fist up in her cock, she didn't budge or move it.
The Minister for Finance refused to budge on the new economic rules.
Budge reportedly believed that Gonzales was the greatest player ever.
Examples from Classical Literature
He was ordered into the boat at least half-a-dozen times, but swore he would not budge.
It snuffed 'n' chuffed to beat the band, but it would n't budge for love nor money nor the man in goggles.
She saw me, scanned me from head to foot, and did not budge.
Think you not then that brains, like yoked cattle, should be put to this leviathan, to make him at all budge to any landsman's imagination?
On this, as he passed, he gave Ulysses a kick on the hip out of pure wantonness, but Ulysses stood firm, and did not budge from the path.
As for me, not a foot will I budge, till I have seen thee empty that bowl.
Lose and the debate about where he stands in relation to the likes of Rod Laver, Pete Sampras and Don Budge will rage on.
Budge seemed to shoot through the air, as if blown up in an explosion.
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