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He obviously had me down as just another buddy to hang out with every now and then.
Seems that he and a rowing buddy of his were going to take this same class, only they got to the gym too late.
With the heavy weight used for the barbell buddy curls, a muscle can be torn relatively easily if you don't control the movement.
Geoffrey Lewis plays an aging bagman buddy of Sarno who gets involved in the kidnapping affair.
He's first seen down-and-out, with a scraggly beard and out of work until his old mercenary buddy Rayburn gets him a job as a bodyguard.
I lie on the pebbles like a beached whale, listening to the laughter of my buddy.
She dialed in his number, memorizing it by heart in case she ever needed a back-up buddy to brighten her day.
I was out for dinner with my Beatlemaniac buddy Steve and his friend Stacey, an artsy type I was meeting for the first time.
Each of the instructors and the observers are trained in self-aid and buddy care, as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.
Well, Capt. Leo can't just sit there and watch his little buddy zoom off into eternity, so he dons his flight gear and, shazam!
I mean, where's the harm in a guy wanting a drinking buddy, a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear?
Dylan and his black buddy, united by motherlessness, inherit a powerful ring from a local derelict.
In 1998, Jackie Chan was paired up in a cop buddy film with motormouthed comedian Chris Tucker.
Sean is broke, so his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc suggests he gets a job at the local car wash.
Still, he is the innocuous core that links a huge cast of eccentric characters, foremost his war buddy and closest friend Samad Iqbal.
Then he stood at attention and saluted in the direction of his fallen buddy, a friend he would never see again.
Since they're best friends, his buddy would know where he was and who he was with.
To combat this, the charity runs a buddy scheme, whereby volunteers befriend patients, offering support and companionship.
Now, Darce, buddy, how about you run along and get William here a soda, he looks quite parched.
Clearly all of those people wearing red or white in the crowd are here to cheer for you, buddy.
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I could figure out how mother might be able not to see anything but good in buddy.
Just about then, though, buddy seemed to have got a bulletin over a special wire.
You know, buddy, somebody ought to teach guys like you a lesson.
It wasn't fair to kick your buddy in the face or get on his ear.
We sent it in email to trusted friends, and IMmed it to our buddy lists.
All we need is somebody to buddy up to him, and take him out there.
He was an Irish buddy tae, but there were severals converted.
Mendez's buddy Tom Troutman, alias Snake Dancer, lives in Banning and performs skits with the Mojave Muleskinners, Gunfighters for Hire and Lawdogs and Ladies.
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