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The series, which is designed for budding adventure racers, will continue in Squamish on April 25 with a tri-sport event at Alice Lake.
A budding entrepreneur from Iowa swiped the singer's discarded water bottle at a recent concert then put it up for sale.
In budding, aggregates of cells differentiate into small sponges that are released superficially or expelled through the oscula.
From here, I can't tell if your friend has a budding eating disorder or simply doesn't know how to drop pounds healthfully.
The budding actors were hand-picked from hundreds of young hopefuls who auditioned for the parts at Kendal Town Hall earlier this year.
Today Sargassum reproduces asexually by vegetative budding of new shoots that eventually break off to form new plants.
Many of us think of evolution as speciation, but populations of insects evolved resistance without budding into new species.
Spring growth was budding on the shrubs around the front porch, the weather vane atop one of the turrets facing out to the lake.
Mitochondria are dynamic structures, constantly changing shape, budding and fusing.
One effect is that flowers are now budding 19 days earlier as spring moves forwards.
But what the budding Casanovas don't know is that the women are actually actresses who have been hired to teach our arrogant trio a lesson.
Even in the earliest stages of new growth, complete reversals in budding directions of zooids are evident.
Interviews with the two boys of Wolfstone fame, out-takes and even guitar tunings for budding pickers are included.
I want to picture the delightful birth of spring and its budding flowers and baby animals.
The bench was under a few newly budding trees with little pink buds in front of the gray, dreary looking shallow pond.
Suffice it to say that men are freaks, and I feel a budding kinship with all of the world's borderline lesbians.
Seven budding entrepreneurs from Swindon are creating a stir with their Young Enterprise business.
It wasn't long before the children were spotting deer tracks, gopher burrows, butterflies, hornets' nests and budding flowers.
As we sped past budding bushes it soon felt like we were approaching the countryside.
Then I walked on, up the path, around the shrubs and budding trees, and back towards the keep of Four Stones.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Every alcyonarian colony is developed by budding from a single parent zooid.
When the young colony is ready to become free, it escapes from the atrial cavity of the parent, and increases in size by budding.
Yonder are some but budding, as if yet the frost lay on the honey-dew that protects the beamy germs.
When the woman that a man loves laughs at his moral enthusiasms, it is like a black frost on the delicate tips of budding trees.
Various styles of budding knives are in use, and the budder usually has decided preferences for some particular pattern.
This may be done immediately in advance of the budder, or it may have been done a few days before the budding.
Tilney is looking beautiful, and the trees are budding as if it were spring.
The azaleas were already budding, the ceanothus getting ready its lilac livery for spring.
In the Stylasteridae sessile gonophores are formed, always by budding from the coenosarc.
The proglottides are sexually complete individuals, derived from the scolex by budding.
When she came it was spring-time, and all the world was budding, exuding joy and hope, with the sun dancing over all.
These are produced by budding, or fissiparity, from individuals like themselves.
It is unmistakably spring, because the pewit bushes are budding and on yonder aspen we can hear a forsythia bursting into song.
This is the process of generation by budding or gemmation, of which we spoke on a previous page.
It was with the first budding and ripening of the young corn that the harvest mouse tasted the true joy of living.
Did not Wagner himself recommend a budding bard to start his musical career with a singspiel?
In both cases the hydranth is extremely reduced and has no tentacles, and the polyp forms a colony by budding from the base.
Grafting, inarching, and budding, are generally performed in the month of March.
Propagate the different sorts of stone fruit trees by budding on other trees or on prepared stocks.
The kumquat comes true to seed, and may also be propagated by grafting and budding.
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